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Unsung Heroes: Keeping Us Digitally Connected and Safe

People equate heroes to extraordinary beings with superhuman abilities who wear costumes and capes. In times of despair, these heroes arise to answer the call to uphold truth and justice and lend their helping hands to those in need. However, some heroes do not need power nor wear capes. These ordinary men and women heeded the call to lend their skills during this global crisis. Meet the unsung heroes keeping us connected and safe online:


Founded by Sir Arthur Wellesley, the Royal United Service Institution or RUSI is a non-profit organization engaged in creating strategies for global defense and security. Currently, they are working with different cyber police agencies on how to curb the rise of online scams identity theft.

Do you know that organized crime around the world is leveraging people’s fear of the Coronavirus? Medical facilities are receiving phishing emails to either spread fear or misinformation. Thanks to RUSI’s efforts and help from remote SQL server DBAs, online scams and the spreading of fake news can be curbed.

Data Scientists

Thanks to advances in digital technology, sorting and analyzing collected data about the pandemic is faster and easier. Data scientists, working with epidemiologists, are now tracking disease outbreaks using online data. This gives them real-time data that they can use to pinpoint disease hot spots and relay them to government medical agencies. They can now initiate the right containment and treatment procedures to help slow down the spread of disease.

Also, machine learning algorithms developed by data scientists are being tested to help develop vaccines and a cure for COVID-19. Using this type of technology can accelerate the process of identifying suitable antibodies from years to a few months or weeks.

Telecommunications Engineers and Technicians


Since employees are now working from home, they need fast and reliable internet services to continue with their work. Data connectivity is vital for medical facilities and government agencies because communication is vital in monitoring and responding to disease outbreaks. Without a dependable data connection, the world will grind to a halt.

Network engineers and technicians ensure that telecommuting employees can accomplish their tasks on time to spend more time with their families. Medical personnel can send relevant messages and updates to help mitigate the impact of an outbreak.

Government agencies can also respond to emergencies quickly. A network engineer and technician’s duty doesn’t stop with repairs; they are also on standby to respond to our requests when needed.

Customer Service and Technical Resolution Specialists

These digital frontliners take in complaints and appease frustrated customers. Day in and day out, they do their best to serve their clients by helping them. These men and women understand the challenges they must face but still provide excellent service to ensure concerns are addressed immediately.

With all that said, remember that everyone can be a hero by recognizing these individuals for their remarkable contributions to our society, especially today. Let’s offer them our heartfelt gratitude and encouragement as they continue to help us survive this crisis.

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