Unavoidable Pitfalls of “Making It” That You Should Prepare For

Though different people may not measure success the same way, it is generally thought of as a state where one finally feels fulfillment in achieving milestones once sought after. In career development, every advancement, increase in salary, and accomplished project creates a tempting concoction of success that many strive for in the workforce. To be able to be proud of one’s work and earn enough to live comfortably is one of life’s pleasures these days, but what happens when you are starting to get the wheels rolling finally? What if the summit is within reach, but there are pitfalls in the way?

Do not let this sway you. The best strategy to be able to keep moving forward is to continue your path and be mindful of the changes that you will have to adjust to.

  • Attracting unwanted attention and a shift in relationships

These two practically come hand in hand once you start achieving some status because of your work. Take care to figure out who comprises your trusted circle, and make sure you don’t fall into the trap of boldly proclaiming your wins in a way that plants some bitterness in others. Though it may not be your intention, it’s easy to make unknowing rivals no matter what industry you’re in, especially with office politics that sometimes come into play.

Keep yourself grounded and remember why you do what you do. Motivations aside, the higher up the ladder, the more some want to cut you down. That is the reason unarmed guard services remain one of the most lucrative and sought-after businesses.

  • Developing a make-or-break mentality


For some individuals, hitting goals or coming upon them also translates to hitting extreme sides of the spectrum in terms of motivation. It’s either going all the way with no rest between work hours and more of the same or scaling back too much and pretty much giving up the progress that has already been made. Both of these opposing behaviors are self-sabotaging and should be pushed aside for healthier ways of tackling the rise to success.

It’s vital to start recognizing red flags within oneself to catch these instances, and it’s crucial to differentiate it well enough from natural bouts of anxiety and uncertainty as life goes forward. While persevering is a good trait, make sure it does not transform into unattainable standards that can burn everything out instead of doing.

  • Veering off-track from goals previously set

It can be easy to lose sight as things get in your head. Perhaps you feel confused as to what comes next, practically speaking. Maybe the joy has died down, and you are now faced with an empty feeling as if there’s nothing next worth doing. Psychologically, this is because of how long-term goals usually serve as directional waypoints in our mental landscape throughout the years. That lends itself to the all-too-common phenomenon of the “unhappy achiever,” which one can combat by simply recalibrating your motivations and aspirations.

Though success is a sweet victory, it does not come without its bruises. The important part of keeping on afterward is to engage yourself, to find a positive way forward, and to bask in all you’ve achieved.

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