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Types of Construction Project Delays

Though profitable, several elements might affect the returns you get in the construction sector. One of these is the number of referrals you can get back to your company. An exceptional job is the main ingredient of a referral to your construction company. Even so, an outstanding construction will not be worth much to your company when its delivery is delayed. Construction delays leave clients frustrated but are still the primary thing that most companies are grappling with in today’s industry.

Renting the right machines for your project, such as excavators for hire from an NZ-based company, goes some way in minimizing the risk of project delays. This is because the company you rent from invests in the latest machine technologies and stocks machines that are well-maintained. They can afford this, unlike the small construction companies that might have taken expensive loans to but their equipment. Even so, a range of issues causes construction delays. To ensure you can effectively negate them and guarantee timely delivery, you can categorize them. Here are the categories of construction project delays.

Excusable Delays

The excusable construction delays are those that you cannot foresee. These include labour strikes, owner-initiated change, errors in the planning documents, and intervention of government agencies. Concealed site conditions and natural disasters are also causes of excusable delays. Though excusable, you should take steps to minimize the odds of their happening. As concerns the intervention of government agencies, for instance, you should ensure you comply with all state regulations in the state of your construction project. With owner-initiated changes, you can have clause contracts on just how many changes are allowed, and at what stage in the project they can be done.

Critical Delays

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This is a delay that will affect the completion date of a project. If a delay does not have much impact on the delivery time of your project, this might not be critical unless there is so much money at stake. Excusable delays are, at times, split into critical and non-critical delays to guide you on whether or not they should be a cause of concern.

Compensable Delays

These are delays that will demand some form of monetary compensation. This means that either a contractor or the project’s owner will be responsible for the costs of some elements that will arise from the delays. It is crucial to include a clause in the contract detailing who will be accountable for compensable delays and to what extent.

Concurrent Delays

A contractor and project owner both play a role in “>concurrent construction delays. The complexity here is in getting to what degree each party should be held liable for the delay. There are, however, different technical techniques used to analyze the issues and determine the one at fault.

Negating construction delays altogether is somewhat impossible in most cases. Moreover, all delays in your project will affect it to different extents. Thankfully, the above categorization eases your understanding of what type might affect your project. This way, you are well-versed with what might cause delays and act appropriately to remedy these causes.

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