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Four Tips for Maintaining Your Productivity Level under Lockdown Restrictions

The emergence of the coronavirus threat as a global pandemic in the early months of 2020 has led to widespread measures being undertaken in major cities around the world. Lockdown protocols may vary by location, but this has left most people faced with the new challenge of adjusting to live in a time of self-isolation.

With the internet and TV a staple of most households, staying entertained is generally not a problem; in fact, many residents from cold-weather regions like Salt Lake City have long appreciated the benefits of a great home theater system. For many, the greater difficulty lies in maintaining productivity. Although working from home was already rising in popularity before the outbreak, emergency measures have now enforced remote working arrangements upon millions of employees. These tips can help workers make the necessary adjustments to their new situation.

Recreating a sense of structure

Some office environments can be dull, rigid, and uninspiring, but the comforts of home can also make it difficult to get organized and work efficiently. You can impose a sense of order on your surroundings by creating a dedicated space in the home where you can sit upright under sufficient illumination, away from the couch or bed. Come up with a work schedule and adhere to it for better time management. The office routine brings results in terms of productivity; emulating it within the home setting can be a quick fix for many.

Manage your communications

Seasoned remote workers have long utilized communications tools and collaboration platforms such as Slack or Trello. Many companies have now been forced to adopt these solutions in order to bring their employees together in the virtual world and stay productive. On the individual level, it’s essential to learn the ropes and quickly integrate these tools into your workflow, but it’s even more important to enforce boundaries when it comes to communications. Just because you work from home now doesn’t mean you are expected to be available 24/7. Avoid getting overworked and suffering an intrusion of privacy by setting clear expectations on using email, chat, and other work-related communications tools.

Minimize distractions

Working from home means being with your partner, kids, and other loved ones a lot more. Even singles will enjoy increased access to other diversions such as video games and Netflix. Most people find this to be an amazing perk of the lifestyle – until it’s time to actually get some work done. How you manage your distractions will be a vital aspect of staying productive. Clear out as many of the sources as possible from your chosen office space, and make sure family members know to avoid disturbing you during working hours; you’ll be the one to let them know when you’re on break or enjoying a little free time.

Maintaining physical activity

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Staying confined to the home can be tough on our health and fitness goals. Since physical activity is also beneficial to our mental faculties, productivity can take a dip when you must work from home with restricted access to facilities such as the gym or a local park. Home-based workout routines using bodyweight exercises or household items are effective, and gaining in popularity. Practicing yoga is another way to maintain your fitness level without needing any specialized equipment.

Working from home is now a more widespread arrangement than anyone could have foreseen. Even if it’s a temporary measure, these adjustments can help you maintain a good level of productivity in the times to come.

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