Public Health Services: Do They Still Exist?

We have been immersed in a COVID-19 world for more than a year now. With this situation, there is a continuous need to provide quality health care for people worldwide. Many people have been dying all over the globe each day, and many of them have died without access to proper health facilities. There is a great need for every nation to provide appropriate and adequate health care for its people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world the consequences of neglecting the public health system. Having experienced the effects of an incompetent health care system, countries should begin to step up their game to provide what the people need. Every individual has the right to quality health care, and countries should start providing that to their people.

Pharmaceuticals around the world need to provide quality service to their nation. Laboratories and clinics can use dissolution testing to be able to provide quality health products.

What Is Public Health?

Public health protects and improves the health of its respective communities. The public health system is responsible for protecting the health of populations by appropriate information dissemination regarding health care. Professionals in public health are responsible for implementing educational programs, recommending policies, and administering services with the singular goal of preventing health problems from happening.

Having a competent public health system is crucial to maintaining a nation’s health and wellness in good shape. Health is of utmost importance in developing a nation because this will determine the productivity of a given population.


Public Health amid a Pandemic

Amid this pandemic, public health has been a buzzword and of great importance in recent times. During this global health crisis, COVID-19 is not the only health issue that needs to be addressed by health professionals. Due to the isolation experienced by the population, there have been several public health issues that have arisen apart from the virus itself. Here are some public health issues that have come up due to the overall situation of nations during these challenging times.

Mental health has been a problem due to the quarantine period. As of early May 2020,  about ⅓ of the American population has shown clinical anxiety and depression. This is an alarming statistic given the difficult circumstances. It is challenging to communicate with a support system and find a health professional who can help, even given the quarantine guidelines.

It is a sad truth that drug overdose has become prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to economic hardships and prolonged isolation in this quarantine period, the rate of drug overdose cases has also increased. This rate has also been seen to be slowly accelerating as the pandemic progresses.

Food insecurity is another public health issue alongside the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to job insecurity and the recession, families cannot afford food to feed the household members. Food insecurity can affect the productivity of the population, which could affect the economy eventually.

These public health issues that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic only show a greater problem that we need to face after dealing with the fatal virus. Leaders of nations should step up and rise to the occasion to prevent further fatalities during this devastating time.

Public Health and the Youth

Public health is a major discussion where every nation’s leaders should initiate having open communication with the youth. The young generation can offer fresh perspectives and ideas that could assist in the betterment of the community. The voice of the youth can also be used to communicate effectively to the younger generation, who could, in turn, inspire others to make a positive change.

The youth can easily step up using their modern platforms to communicate with the new generation. These young kids have the power to engage their peers through relevant and relatable content online, and the older generation should allow these kids to take advantage of these platforms.

Public health is an issue that should be talked about by the whole population because it involves each one of us. Every person has the right to adequate health care, so they should be given the voice and opportunity to exercise this right.

As a community and as a nation, we should be responsible citizens to keep ourselves healthy and fit. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to follow proper health protocols to help keep everyone safe and secure from the fatal virus.

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