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Make Your Small Home Office Productive

If you haven’t already done it, the idea of WFH (working from home) should have visited your mind more often than usual these days. At the age of quarantine and stay-in-place orders, being able to run your business from the comfort of your precious abode isn’t just a great idea. It might be the most practical solution given the circumstances.

Put in the mix Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s most preeminent infectious disease doctor, and his dire warnings for this year’s Christmas season, and you know your home office could be the lifesaver you need. But before you take any step further, be wary. Like any office setting, not all home offices are created equal. Making sure yours would be super-productive is spot on.

In this regard, office wisdom collected over the years should bid you well. After all, the most important asset any office would have is no other than its occupant, in this case, you. Given the right office setup, your productivity should shoot up, despite the possible challenges in space that you might be facing.

Find the Right Space

When working from home, stop thinking about getting a soundproof impenetrable home office with doors made of solid oak. When it comes to working from home, you have to make do with whatever space is available. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose a good location.

As much as possible, avoid noise areas in the house near traffic. A quiet corner should do or, for that matter, an upper deck. To start, make it your own. Paint it with your favorite color and add greeneries for better aesthetics. Plants always beautify a room, not to mention help calm you on busy days.


Your small home office can easily become crowded with all sorts of non-essentials. In this regard, a little accounting should go a long way. Write down all the things that you need to make your home office functional. Those not on your list shouldn’t have the right to park anywhere near your working space. De-clutter and put those non-essentials away.

If you already have the home office up and running, weed through all the things that have been occupying space but have not been used for months now. A de-cluttered space means greater room for your imagination to room.

Think about it. The more your clutter becomes, the lesser your productivity grows. So your first step is to make your small office clutter-free.

Get Organized and Get Vertical

A clean office means less room for distractions for you. In short, you get to focus more and do more in the process.

Moreover, you should get the essential things organized. So accessing pertinent documents is a breeze. An unorganized office is bound to waste time and thereby money. Fact is searching for lost documents alone has been equated to a company losing about $2.5 million in loss of productivity, International Data Corporation research revealed.

In this regard, explore vertical storage space to augment your small office. A vertical office drawer should give you easy access to important files while occupying as little space as possible.

You can also use sturdy pockets adhered to walls for easy-access to oft-used files. Further, wall hooks should take care of your coat, hats, and sweater.

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Get Size-appropriate Furniture

A big office desk should make your home office look grand. But if the room is space-challenged, a huge desk can look like a dinosaur, oversized and largely irrelevant.

Instead, scale down. Use furniture that matches the space. Know that large furniture can be counterintuitive; it makes your small space look even smaller. Not only do you save precious dollars gunning for smaller-sized alternatives, but you also put a premium on your productivity.

Give Yourself a Break

Productivity is not all about work. If your idea of being productive is working till you lose all your energy, then you’re facing a severely draining experience. The way to go about it is to cut your work into pieces and give yourself timely breaks.

The Pomodoro technique should be a big boost in this regard. Timely brain breaks should get your energy and creativity back up.

Whatever floats your boat, keep those things that give your mind a great respite from work handy. It can be a smartphone app, the piano, or your pingpong table. Rewarding yourself now and then is an effective way not to burn out anytime soon.

Lastly, take care of your eyes. You’d probably be spending more time with your laptop or PC when attending to business. By giving your eyes a timely break, you prevent eye strain. Utilizing the 20-20-20 rule can help. Every 20 minutes, you must look at objects about 20 yards away for 20 seconds.

There are lots of ways to be productive. The trick is to make a habit out of the things that matter. When you do, being productive is just a matter of ensuring these routines are kept. The more you do it, the closer you get to the success you desire.

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