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It Can’t Wait: Safety Measures You Shouldn’t Put Off When Moving to a New House

There’s nothing more tempting than a hot bath and a good meal after hauling your belongings into a new house. It’s an accomplishment worth the reward of rest. Don’t take too long, though. Even a new home can have its imperfections, and the unfamiliar layout can catch you off-guard in case of an emergency.

The best rest you can get is after you’ve ticked off a checklist of safety measures. Once you’ve made sure the smoke detectors work and the childproofing kit is in place, pause to consider if you’ve overlooked these three things.

Anything That Needs Repairs

Jammed windows and garage doors might not look alarming, but they can either lock you in or allow thieves to enter.

It’s worth inspecting your house even if you’ve already done one before making the purchase. Unexpected damages could’ve occurred in between, and the smallest of them can compromise your safety.

This is particularly true with entry points in the house. It’s easy to be complacent when you live in a good neighborhood in Salt Lake City, but it’s best not to take chances. Check if the garage door needs repair. Call a professional, if necessary. Garages are prime targets for burglars, after all.

Consider fixing simple problems with door locks and windowpanes on your own. Once every entry point is in tip-top shape, you can add improvements like lighting and sensors. These discourage thieves and may help you in other emergencies.

Routes in Case of Fire

Never underestimate fire. It can spread at a rate that leaves you with less than a handful of minutes to get to safety. Two factors contribute to how well you respond in this emergency: the warning you receive and the plan you’ve established.

A well-maintained smoke alarm is never enough. It’s what you do after the warning is what determines your safety.

Make sure you plan with your family. This gives you insight on how easy or difficult it is for each one to follow a specific route. Small children need the most guidance when it comes to this, as they’re more prone to having trouble with windows and doors.

There’s a lot to consider when making an effective fire escape plan. Be as detailed as possible to avoid missing factors that can affect your chances of survival.

Furniture that Needs Anchoring

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Earthquakes can happen at any moment. Ill-placed furniture puts both children and adults at risk of serious injury in case of tremors. Anchoring your furniture and huge appliances can lessen the hazards in your home.

Wall ornaments can also create problems when displaced. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, invest in household items that are less likely to break in the event of one. Encourage everybody in the family to place these items on top of or inside anchored furniture.

You benefit from using furniture restraint not only by reducing the chances of damage. But they also make sure that none of them become obstacles in your path to safety in case you need to get out of your home quickly.

​Preparedness gives you better chances of responding well to theft, fire, and earthquakes. While expensive gadgets help, they aren’t the ultimate indicator of security. It’s acting on basic safety measures while in peace that makes the most significant difference.

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