The Cab Driver’s Guide to Enhancing their Passenger’s Experience

Due to competition and the presence of rating and feedback systems, drivers of ride-hailing vehicles always try to up their ante to get those five stars and thumbs up.

Neglect improving your passenger’s experience, and you risk getting left behind in the ever-innovative ride-hailing race. If the journey is, indeed, more important than the destination, then these tips should help your ride stay relevant.

Upgrading your audio

Sometimes, passengers prefer a quiet ride. Instead of striking up a conversation, you can play ambient tunes instead. Upgrade your stock head unit to high-level car stereos in Draper that deliver crisp, even sound throughout those long rides. Professional installation saves you time and money, too.

With a Bluetooth-connected device, you can play some soft jazz tunes, vintage songs, or listen to the news on the radio so you and your passenger can stay updated.

Adding new amenities

You can add other amenities that improve your passengers’ experience or suit specific needs.

For example, you can install a portable booster seat for passengers who bring small children or infants with them. You can also store in your trunk a folding luggage trolley if they bring heavy pieces of baggage. Even bringing emergency carriers for passengers with pets can bring about positive feedback. For this, foresight goes a long way.

Keeping your car clean

Make a good first impression by ensuring your car is spotless inside and out.

Pick up small litters on the floor and in the cup holders, and vacuum your seats and floor mats at least once a day. Disinfect your seats and attach a car air freshener onto your air-conditioning units. You can also have a kit filled with cleaning essentials — sanitizer, baby wipes, tissues — for your passenger to use.

Offering small snacks

Nothing says exceptional service like offering small food items and candies in your car. It might look like doing too much, but the gesture is what counts. Besides, you never know when your passenger might need a light bite amidst their busy schedules or a confidence-boosting mint while on their way to their date.

You can get from that supplies anyway — it’s more of sharing what you have than sucking up for five stars.

Ensuring their safety

Driver and Passenger

If someone is riding in a stranger’s car, even if they booked it through an application, they’ll still be a tad concerned about their safety.

Thus, it matters greatly to them when you guarantee this by strictly following GPS-enabled navigational routes and installing dashboard cameras. You should also put up an identification sheet with your name, license plate, registration number, and account details from the ride-hailing app in your car, so they’ll know you’re legitimate.

Preserving your vehicle

For both you and your passenger’s sake, you should always subject your car to routine maintenance. It’s your most valuable asset on the job, so you must do everything you can to ensure it doesn’t break down while on the road.

It may be working fine, but other factors like a growling engine or a rough ride may also trigger negative feedback. Look into upgrading with aftermarket parts to ensure a smooth and memorable journey.

Aside from these, the most important part of the ride that you can improve is yourself. Be courteous, stay professional, and drive safely and expertly. After all, the best feedback you can receive is getting them where they need to be.

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