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How Do You Find a Hobby as an Adult?

Adults might find looking for a hobby a bit cheesy, but having one or two has a lot of benefits. Not only does it help lower your stress levels, it may also improve your sense of belonging and purpose, and even improve your work performance.

If you’re not sure which hobby you would enjoy, here are some strategies you can try.

Trace it back to your childhood

Thinking back on what you used to love doing as a kid is a great way to begin your search for a new hobby. Try to remember something that you really enjoyed doing as a kid. Maybe you liked to ride your bike outside, sew clothes for your dolls or had a rock collection.

It does not have to be exactly what you used to do, either. You may use these old interests as a springboard to discover what you would love to do now. If you liked to climb trees, for example, you may try out wall climbing, or try taking an art class if you enjoyed drawing stuff that went on the fridge.

As Julian F. Fleron said, “the creative adult is the child who has survived”, and hobbies are all about reclaiming your childhood creativity.

Try out things and see what sticks

You may have a list of the things you used to enjoy as a child, but you do not have to immediately pick one as your ultimate hobby. Finding a new hobby can be a hit or miss, but do not be dejected about it. If you really want to find a hobby that you are going to be consistently passionate about, you should be willing to put yourself out there and accept that not everything you try will work out for the best.

Joining clubs or groups where you can try things out can be a great way to explore various interests. By connecting with like-minded people, you might be able to learn more about yourself, and what you like or dislike, or what you could commit to.

If you are investing on materials for your hobby, you may not have to throw everything out when you start a new one. The small parts storage drawers you got for your sewing hobby, for example, can be used to store tools when you start on a woodworking hobby.

Take some tests

Trying arts as a new hobby

The most fun hobby for one person can be excruciatingly difficult for another, and vice versa. Most people enjoy hobbies that suit their unique strengths, interests and personality.

There are some personality tests that could help you figure out which hobbies might suit you. Two of the most effective tests are the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI), which has 16 personality types and assigns you to the one that suits you best, and the Strong Interest Inventory, which can help identify your key interests. These tests could offer insight into which hobbies are most aligned with your personality.

A hobby is more than just a pastime. It could help you recover from a long day or get your mind working in an enjoyable way. A hobby can also turn into a passion that gets you excited about life, which is an investment as worthwhile as any.

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