Having A Safer Workplace Matters

There are countless benefits for employers and employees to have a safe workplace. But sometimes accidents that cause injuries happen unexpectedly. Based on the National Safety Council data, every seven seconds, an employee can get injured in the workplace in the U.S. This figure means that there could be as many as 540 workplace injuries every hour. If you’ve never had any accidents at work or know any of your co-workers who suffered any injuries while at work, then consider yourselves lucky.

Of course, everyone wants to work in a safe environment because you will have one less thing to worry about when you’re at work. It could allow you to focus better. Besides these, there are many other benefits of working in a safe environment.

Why A Safe Workplace Matters

A Harvard Business School professor named Amy Edmondson deemed workplace safety as essential because of the concept of “psychological safety.” This term describes a workplace where they can fully function as employees without feeling unsafe from any mental and physical harm. No one can deny this importance in an environment where you can be vulnerable while a task occupies your mind. Besides functioning better when you feel safe in your workplace, here are other reasons why workplace safety is important:

  • There will be lesser risks of financial losses and property damages.

Accidents can happen all the time, even when you are careful, and when it does, it will have an impact on your finances, as well as your employer’s. If your company values you as its employee, then it would invest in ensuring the safety of your work environment, which could avoid any financial losses for both parties.

  • It could give your company an excellent corporate reputation.

A good reputation is beneficial for you and your company, of course. The benefits include making job seekers, customers, and other companies want to do business with you.

  • There will be an increase in productivity and quality.

As mentioned above, you tend to be more immersed with your work when you can focus all your attention on your tasks because your company has ensured the safety of your workplace. Additionally, when you’re not worrying about your security, you will be able to turn in better output for your work.

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Some Things You Can Do To Contribute To Making A Safer Workplace

The first thought that would come to most people’s minds when they hear workplace safety are the typical must-haves in an office like the fire protection devices and measures like the fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire exits. There are also warning signs, non-slip rugs, hard hats, safety barriers, back braces, safety glass, etc. But these are usually provided by the management. On your end, there are other measures you and other employees could do to contribute to the safety of your workplace and avoid any accidents, injuries, and other issues. Here are some of them:

  • You should promote a safer environment.

Besides accidents and injuries, another common incident in a workplace that makes some employees feel unsafe are microaggressions and sexual harassment. Based on Workplace Sexual Harassment Statistics, 72% of employees who fall victims to these problems do not even bother to file a complaint whenever they experience any of the two. That is a very alarming figure.

These problems are avoidable if you encourage your employers and co-workers to promote more open and honest conversations about these workplace misconducts. As an employee, it would help if you know your boundaries and tell your co-workers about your boundaries too. Knowing these things could help you create a more respectful relationship with everyone you work with.

  • You should organize your workplace.

Now and then, there would be high-risk areas at work that would appear. When you discover these, you should put up warning signs and labels so your co-workers can avoid them or be careful around them. These could involve slippery floors, broken chairs, faulty sockets, faulty elevators, and more.

Another important lesson from the recent health crisis caused by the pandemic is that hygiene is essential. When you have a clean and hygienic space, you can reduce any risks to health and create a harmonious environment at work. 

Safer Work Space Makes A Better Workplace

Maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment may not be as easy as it sounds, but it is beneficial to everyone at your workplace to become better employers and employees. It could make being at work more exciting and carefree.

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