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Erasing The Stigma Around Firearms With Proper Gun Safety Education

Guns are among the many serious subject matters shrouded with varying opinions, but we can all agree that due to tragic news of mass shootings such as Chicago’s violent night just days ago, it’s no surprise why numerous people are against these firearms and lobby for stricter gun control laws. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, one could also understand that only pursuing stricter regulations does not strike the core of the issue and might only worsen the problem in some scenarios.

Therefore, instead of relying on these laws and regulations alone, it is imperative that we also strive to educate the public about gun safety and the many facets of firearms education because knowledge over these technicalities will break the stigma of guns as nothing but symbols of terror. And once we are successful in educating the public and with more people aware, more informed decisions can be made, and gun violence will also drop sharply.

Firearms Are Stigmatized Without Due Research & Understanding

To put things into context, if you walk up to anyone without knowledge about guns and ask them what first comes to mind, it’s always associated with danger despite being a tool for keeping people and the premises safe. And if we follow through this downward spiral of treating firearms as nothing but dangers and nothing more, we fail to see the benefits and advantages gun ownership provides. So, if any other serious topic is given just research and time to understand, we must also approach guns in the same fashion.

  • How Aggressive Laws Further Instill Fear: While the pursuit of gun control laws and aggressive lobbying for stricter regulations is pursued with good intentions, it also has the opposite effect of instilling unnecessary fear into the hearts and minds of the public. It leaves the impression that guns provide zero net benefits to anyone, and it unintentionally makes people forget that these very tools keep us safe from armed threats.
  • Media’s Portrayal Of Guns Doesn’t Help: Countless video games, films, news outlets, and many other forms of media never fail to portray guns in such a violent manner, and while some are for the purpose of entertainment, these portrayals do no help the image of guns at all. Constant exposure to these media also brainwashes people into thinking that gun violence is the only thing firearms are useful for.
  • Curiosity Born Out Of Bad Intentions: As a result of instilling unnecessary fear and associating firearms with nothing more than violence and acts of terror, curiosity is born out of bad intentions. It’s this very cycle that leads to the tragic news, several wounded people, and mass shootings that we’ve come to know and grown numb today. And if only these same people were educated beforehand, one can’t help but wonder the many lives that would’ve been saved with just education.

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Breaking The Stigma And Promoting An Informed Public

Given the factors and circumstances mentioned above, we must take the initiative in breaking the stigma now so that we can promote an informed public empowered by proper education on gun safety. There’s so much more to gun ownership than media would have you believe, and model companies such as Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc Firearms Business Insurance are proof that there are comprehensive protection programs in place for both civilians, retailers, and the entire firearms industry.

  • Gun Safety And Firearms Training: Gun safety education must be started at a young age, and with safe alternatives like airsoft guns readily available, these can serve as tools to instill responsibility. And with the collaborative efforts of teachers and trained personnel, the basics of marksmanship and the disciplines that come with it can be easily taught.
  • Guns As Tools For Personal Protection And Safety: Instead of portraying firearms as weapons of violence, media must equally show the benefits of guns as tools for personal protection and safety. There are many stories of armed civilians and the good guy with a gun saving lives, take; for example, this armed intruder in California, which would have lead to the loss of family and loved ones but was immediately stopped before anything could’ve happened.
  • Gun Ownership As A Constitutional Right: Lastly, we must not forget that gun ownership is also a constitutional right, and we should be informed that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. And since gun ownership is viewed as essential to the security of the state, people deserved to be educated.

People Have The Right To Know

Overall, in this world of information and greater understanding, people have the right to know about guns other than just what’s being said and spoonfed everywhere they go. Learning about them from an impartial and unbiased standpoint is necessary, and is exactly what we need to strike the issue of gun violence at its core.

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