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Essential Equipment for Small Farms

Living in a small, quaint farm is many people’s lifelong dream. They have stopped being a rural thing going out of fashion, and many young people are starting their own farms. These range from urban farms to modern, sustainable small-scale farms out in the country. Many people decide to give up their boring desk jobs and seek for something idyllic on a farm. But owning a farm means having to work hard. For the unacquainted, this work might seem overwhelming if you don’t have the right equipment. Here is a guide to some essentials that you need to have to run a small farm smoothly and efficiently:

A small tractor

A farm is synonymous with the image of a tractor. It is a very useful addition for any farm, though tractors used on commercial farms can be huge. This is unnecessary and expensive for a small farm, so go for a compact, small tractor, which is much cheaper. Simply having one of these can make many different types of work easier. You can use different attachments for ploughing, harrowing, and planting. Your tractor can also be used to drag heavy machinery. During harvest season, attaching a trailer behind it will make it possible to carry large loads of produce on the back. If a tractor is too big of an investment for you, getting an ATV can also help you do much of the same work. It can save you time spent travelling from one part of the farm to another.

Storage units

These are essential for any farm. The type of storage that you should have depends on the type of farm you run. At the very least, you should have a barn to keep hay and other equipment and protect them from rain and snow. You should use large plastic bins or barrels to store perishables such as fruits. Long-term storage is also different from short-term storage options. Grains are often stored in silos for a long time, whereas potatoes go into cellars.


Spraying equipment

This is very useful for spraying fertilisers and pesticides. This makes the process fast. If you take advantage of the wind, the chemicals can be sprayed over long distances. A lot of commercial fertilisers and pesticides come in cans that can fit into sprayers, and this minimises having to handle these harmful chemicals. But caution needs to be exercised when using these. Always make sure that you are wearing proper protective gear and that the wind is blowing away from you.


These are essential on your small farm as most of the work is done by hand. They are useful to have lying around on the farm; they can be used to carry small loads. They are necessary to carry gardening tools. They are also used for weeding. Other than these uses, they also make for cute farm decor.

A small farm requires much more than this to run smoothly. These are simply the basics for starting out. As they say, work never ends on a farm. As you expand operations or move to different types of crops, your work requirements will change accordingly.

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