Apple Mac and the Demand

Why the Demand for Mac in the Used Market is High

People who want to earn income in tech can consider computer repair franchise opportunities. To be more specific, companies such as Experimac explain that professionals can receive payment tinkering on Apple products, mainly MacBooks. They also have the option to resell pre-made Apple products.

Why is this so? You might ask. Contrary to popular belief, Mac is a very popular product. Customers are willing to pay a lot of money for it even when it’s not brand-new.

Why the Demand for Mac is High

Savvy investors sometimes put their money on tech, and one of the options is a Mac. Here are some of the biggest reasons:

Low Supply, High Demand

The primary reason for its considerable market value is the law of supply and demand. When the supply is low, but the needs are high, the price tends to go up. During the third quarter of 2017, the total number of shipments of MacBooks increased compared to the previous three months. Based on the TrendForce report, the company shipped almost 4.5 million units. It eventually expanded their market share to 11% during the same year.

However, this number still paled in comparison to the likes of HP, Lenovo, and Dell, which placed the top three on the list. HP, for one, could have sold about 40 million of its notebooks within the same period.

In other words, when it comes to volume, Apple remains low. But it’s not uncommon for the brand to reap high revenues for the same products. In 2016, for example, it sold about four times as many notebooks as Microsoft Surface. The latest earnings reports are also more likely to show considerable growth for the product. It is outpacing every PC manufacturer, according to Gartner and IDC.

MacBook, on the other hand, certainly costs more than Microsoft Surface when it comes to their basic configurations.

Apple Macs and the consumer demand

Scarcity Principle

Another principle that may govern the demand for Macs is scarcity. It involves the market equilibrium, which means in the ideal world, the demand and the supply are the same. In reality, it doesn’t happen because the market itself is dynamic.

In psychology, it helps explain why products perceived by many as “scarce” tend to have a higher value than the non-scarce products. It’s because a person tends to desire something they cannot immediately have.

Used Market Price

While there’s no official statistic, all one needs is to go to Google and search for people who want to buy Macs but cannot. One of the primary reasons is the price. Mac products don’t come cheap. The “most affordable” will still cost you almost $2,000.

For those who want a Mac can, therefore, set their sights on the used market. There, it can have a price tag of about $500 to $600. The ones with the newer versions tend to command the highest price.

For many years, experts have been saying how Mac tends to hold as much of its value than their PC counterparts. The above points will help explain why. The bottom line is people want a Mac. As long as the demand is there and the supply is low, there is a need for the used market.

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