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When Things Go Wrong At Work

Compared to the recent past, say 20 or 30 years ago, today’s workforce is protected by a battery of guidelines and regulations, all designed keep people safe. Still, injuries at work are far more common than most people realize. While the risk factor depends overall on the type of work you do, it’s always best to be careful. Here are the most common injuries that people face every day. And while not everyone has been injured at work, everyone knows someone who has been.

Most Common Workplace Injuries You Need to Be Aware Of / The Workplace Injuries That You Should Watch Out For

Many people become so used to their places of work that if they do get injured they don’t realize that they might need an injury at work lawyer. Naturally, the bigger risks come when the workplace is more industrial. But even an office setting comes with its own set of risks that need to be avoided. Here are the most common workplace injuries that you need to be aware of.

Falls & Slips

This is the most common sets of injuries that anyone can encounter regardless of the work site. They can be caused by wet and slick floors that are so due to cleaning or even rain. Another common cause of slips and falls are obstructions and other objects strewn about that can be bumped into. The liability of your company depends on whether or not they respond to these threats in an effective and lasting way. When your company is negligent in dealing with these risks, they become liable for any harm that happens as a result.

Muscle Strains

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This type of injury isn’t all too common unless you work in businesses or industries where heavy lifting is involved. This can be in warehouses and other businesses with a lot of stock and inventory. Muscle strains most often occur on the neck and back are the result of constant back breaking work over long hours. If you’re being made to work in strenuous conditions for far too long—without breaks—then your company is certainly liable for this kind of harm. Of course, if you are given a break, you can best utilize this to stretch and exercise.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are again, common in work sites that demand a lot of lifting and moving around of inventory, though of course, it really can happen in any workplace. The common reason for these types of injuries is that the stock or inventory isn’t properly secured. This can mostly be attributed to carelessness by your fellow coworkers, so don’t just trust that an area or job is fully secure.


This type of injury is universal. While it can be caused by the misuse of power tools and other factory equipment, this type of injury can also happen in an office setting. At the least, the cut will cause some bleeding. At worst, you can lose a finger or even a limb. It’s very important for a company to provide safety equipment as well as proper training in the handling of machinery. If they don’t provide you with either, you can actually claim against them for injury or even disability.

While it’s true that you need to practice mindfulness while in your workplace—on top of being careful—you should also be aware of what your company is liable for. With many of these common injury factors, your company needs to watch out for you. If there is any negligence on their part, you need to get a lawyer to help you with your claim.

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