When There’s No Joy in Joyriding

A lot of teenagers look forward to getting their driver’s license and driving the family car. Some would even be thrilled to receive a new car from their parents. For one thing, owning a vehicle can provide you that sense of freedom. For teenagers, it can make them look and feel cool in the eyes of their peers.

However, owning a car should be more than just for bragging rights. As parents, you should teach your teenagers to be responsible drivers and car owners. Driving is a privilege, and you must follow the rules and avoid accidents that can endanger you or someone else. The last thing that parents want to happen is someone calling a car accident attorney in Salt Lake City and suing your teenager due to irresponsible driving.

The sad truth about car accidents involving teen drivers

It is said that car accidents are one of the significant causes of death among teenagers in the USA. Out of these figures, teen drivers with teen passengers have higher risks of getting involved in fatal car crashes. The common reasons for these horrible accidents include not using seatbelts and drunk driving.

Teenagers tend to be impulsive and think that they can get away with everything. Unfortunately, such impulsive behavior can lead to trouble. It can either be two things: they cause injury to other people, or they get injured themselves due to their driving recklessness.

In worst cases, the teenage driver can even cause the death of another person. For parents with teenage drivers, it can be their worst nightmare. In such cases, you and your adolescent child can be held liable for the accident.


How teenage driver-related car accidents are handled

As mentioned, driving is a privilege and involves a lot of responsibility. Anyone who holds a driving license should be aware of his or her duty, not only for his/her safety but for other people as well. Otherwise, you will be held liable for personal or property injury due to irresponsible driving.

In some cases, your car insurance company can back you up in paying for medical bills and other damages due to the accident. In some states, the legal guardian or the parent of minor drivers (18 years old and below) are held responsible for the latter’s accident involvement.

However, it might be a different case for teenagers who takes the family car out without permission. If it has happened multiple times, you can be liable for possible personal and property endangerment. By this time, you should have already done action steps that will ensure it won’t happen again. Worse, damage coverage might not be covered by your car insurance company, especially in this case.

In the end, owning or driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility. Teaching your teenage children to be responsible drivers is twice as important. This is one of the significant reasons why parenting can be challenging. Parents do not want anything bad to happen to their children, no matter where they are.

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