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Turn Your Passion for Fitness into a Profitable Career or Business

If you’re one of the people who caught the fitness bug this year, you may be wondering how you can further integrate it into your life. You probably want to share your journey with your loved ones and others. One thing you can do is to turn this passion for fitness into a rewarding career or profitable business.

But before you take on friends and strangers as clients, here are some tips to make sure you start right.

Find your niche

Like with other businesses, you have to find your niche. If you want to teach yoga, but there are other yoga studios in your area, how can you set your services apart? Perhaps, you want to focus on hot yoga. Or you can specifically cater to parent-and-kid yoga classes. Look around in your area (or online) to find out the niche that hasn’t been explored much by your fellow fitness gurus, and then specialize on that.

Build your credentials

No matter your fitness niche, people will be more likely to trust and hire you if you have the necessary credentials. Plus, with more credentials (and training), you will gain more knowledge and skills to help your clients. So, before you market your services, build your credentials. Attend health coach training. Taking nutrition and wellness classes and other health or fitness certification courses can help, too.

Look for a mentor

It’s one thing to be passionate about fitness; it’s another to turn this passion into a career or business. It can benefit you if you can get a mentor who can show you the ropes—from teaching the right classes to marketing your services and managing your cash flow. Keep in mind that running a gym or opening classes online isn’t a one-time thing. You should have the right skillset to sustain it and grow this venture.

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Attract customers

It’s good if you can get your family and friends to refer you to their friends. But word of mouth can only get you so far. In this day and age, it pays to have an online presence. Start with an Instagram account or Facebook page, where you can post promos and tips and where your existing clients can leave reviews. Make sure to use the hashtags and targeting to seek out the fitness and health community in your area.

Start a vlog

If you are good with cameras and have some editing skills, try your hand at fitness vlogging. This is a good way to share some workout routines and tips with others and attract people to sign up for your fitness program. It is also no secret that you can monetize your vlog, especially if you create your YouTube channel. Even if your videos are free, imagine how many views (and dollars) you’ll get if hundreds or thousands of people play your videos for their daily workout.

Above all, whatever kind of fitness career or business you decide to venture into, you should set your heart and mind into it. There will be a lot of challenges. But stay passionate, as it is your passion for achieving a healthy body and mind (and helping others to do it, too) that will keep you moving forward.

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