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The Art of Dying: How You Can Deal With Personally Saying Goodbye

The last great taboo of human society is death. People shirk from discussing such a sensitive subject, but it’s going to happen to everyone at some point in living.

If you want to be ready for it, whether or not you feel like you have to say goodbye very soon, here are some ways to make it work, particularly with your funeral arrangements.

1. Prepare your will.

Regardless of the number of possessions that you have under your name, a will is important, and you should make one. Think about everything you’ve ever done and all of the books, clothes, and the little memories and treasures you have.

Each of these holds a part of you, and it can mean some great and personal significance to those you’re leaving behind. For more serious matters such as inheritances and property, remember to talk to a lawyer who specializes in last will and testament writing. It helps to get one of the available pre-paid funeral plans in the UK along with this, so you’re doubly prepared.

2. Plan your finances.

When you die, that’s it for you. It won’t be the same for the people you’ll leave behind, especially if some of them are still not of age. If you have dependents, think about how they can receive their monthly and yearly assistance so they can spend it right, without fear of losing it all in one go.

Consider where your money will go when you aren’t there to care for it. Financial advisors exist to make your post-mortem financing much easier, so make good use of the fact and hire them.

3. One person at a time.

old man talking to his family at the hospitalTalking to people about your own death is painful enough. If you’re not sure about how to deal with their reactions at large, try to talk to them one or two at a time. This can take a while, but you can make these moments easier by creating a list of priorities.

The ones you love and trust the most, such as family and friends, deserve to get this news straight from you. Business partners and distant friends who live in other countries should at least get a private message or an email.

You aren’t obligated to tell anything to people you don’t like. Considering how the world works, they’ll find out at some point anyway.

4. Leave it alone.

Accepting your death takes time. But when you realize that it’s inevitable but doesn’t have to be evil or bad, then you can rest easy. You’ve already determined who gets what from your will, you already have the assurance that you won’t leave your loved ones scraping to get by, and you already said your farewells to the people who truly matter.

They may cry and plead and try to do something desperate, but it’s your life, and you go the way you want to go. This can be taken care of when you write your will and your DNR.

When you’ve lived a good life and have no more regrets, saying goodbye isn’t all that difficult to do. Your world is bigger than it ever was because you’ve made meaningful connections and learned that this was a life worth living. Don’t be afraid. Adventure is still out there.

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