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Sports Injuries: First Aid and Immediate Treatment

Sports are a great way to stay fit and have fun. But physical sports can get a bit rough as players come into contact with each other. Injuries are a common sight on any playing field, especially when players are not wearing any protective equipment. It is even worse in sports like boxing and wrestling where combat is the goal. Here are a few tips on how to handle any injuries immediately.

Sprains and Strains

Sports are very strenuous activities and they put your body to the test. The result is that the most common injuries among players are muscular strains and sprains. They often happen when the muscles and ligaments of a part of the body stretch too much or see too much use. This can cause tears in their fibers which is what causes the pain that people experience. These can heal naturally but it will take time.

You need to stop play immediately since further movement can cause the tearing to get worse. Icing the area and elevating it should help deal with any swelling. After that, the player needs to take it easy as the injury heals. Your main worry will be to prevent repeat injuries since excessive use can lead to the ligament or muscle tearing again. Stretches can help since they allow the body to adapt to wider stretches in the future.

Fractures and Dislocations

Your bones are tough but even they have their breaking points. Fractures and dislocations are the common results of pushing your bones to the limit. Admittedly, dislocations are easier to handle since they are joints popping out of position. Popping them in can be done in the field but they still need rest and treatment. Fractures are the worst possible injury since broken bones will require surgery and a hospital visit. It also doesn’t help if an open wound is part of the injury. Fractures need an immediate trip to the emergency room to ensure that a person can use their limbs again.

Injury treatmentFacial Injuries

The face is not immune to injury. For example, a player might accidentally trip and fall on his or her face. The results will not be pretty. There are various situations in which facial injuries can happen on the field. The important thing is your response. The first thing to check is for exterior signs of damage. Noticeable bleeding should immediately get treatment with cleaning and bandages.

Check all the vulnerable parts like the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. For example, players might have their teeth knocked out. If that happens, you should call for emergency dental care services in the Salt Lake City area so that it can get treatment. You should also take note of signs of concussion which can result in a trip to the emergency room.

When it comes to injuries, it is always a good idea to seek treatment as quickly as possible. This reduces the chance of it getting worse and also helps deal with the pain it causes. Taking steps to prevent such injuries should also be at the top of your mind when organizing any sporting event. Sports are more enjoyable if people don’t have to worry about injuries.

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