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Road Safety: Bicycle Accidents and What Can Be Done To Avoid Them

In America, the biking activity is an increasingly popular means of transportation, physical fitness, and recreation. It saves money, provides exercise, and reduces your carbon footprint. What’s not to love?

It is the greener choice of those who want to live a healthier lifestyle and those who want to get away from the stress of commuting. But, similar to driving a car or any other motor vehicle, it can be very dangerous if you are not aware of safety precautions and regulations that contribute to road safety.

The Frequency and Causes of Mishaps

In 2016, the reported number of the bicyclists killed in motor vehicle crashes in America was 840. Some places don’t have bicycle lanes, and, because of this, drivers and bicycle drivers often cross paths. Thus, the chance for a mishap is higher for those who engage in biking.

These crashes happen more frequently during turns. Motorists may not notice that a cyclist is approaching, and when this happens, it’s the bicycle rider who is most affected. After all, the driver is typically protected by the motor vehicle they are in.

Aside from collisions and crashes due to turning, falling due to brake or bicycle damage causes accidents as well. There are instances when the chain comes loose or breaks altogether, making the rider lose control over the bicycle.

Legal Implications

a woman cyclistA bicycle isn’t just a cost-efficient and convenient way to go around, it is also authorized to be on the road, just like cars and motorcycles. As such, bicycle riders are expected to be as responsible on the road as drivers of any other vehicle. But the lack of comprehensive laws governing the safety of bicycle riders often complicates the process of dealing with accidents. Here in Maryville, auto accident lawyers can be easily accessible. These professionals handle insurance and damage issues between parties, based on traffic laws.

The Safety Precautions

The fundamentals of bicycle safety are almost the same as of pedestrian safety: Be aware of your surroundings, be attentive, and be visible to others who are sharing the road.

Helmet use is a basic factor in keeping one safe when riding a bike and reduces the risk of fatal injuries. If the state you live in has poor regulations for bicycle riding, you should discipline yourself to observe strict safety practices.

Additionally, the use of earphones while riding a bicycle is highly discouraged. This creates a barrier between you and your environment, preventing you from being aware of everything around. With earphones on, you miss out on vital audio cues things like car horns and other sounds that alert you to potentially dangerous situations.

Overall, imposing stricter laws tailored to bicycle safety will benefit the ones who choose the greener option of riding a bike to get around. But, in the meantime, you can reduce accidents by promoting safety in your local community of bicycle riders. By doing this, you are not proactively protecting the environment and the people in it, but are also helping to save lives.

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