How Learning a New Language Could Be Good for Business

Anyone with capital can open a business. But not everyone can run it successfully. And by success, it’s not just about the money. Sure, money is essential. Without it, you can’t afford to lease retail space, buy from manufacturers, and pay employees. On the other hand, there are stores out there that earn big profits within the year of their openings.

But the question is: how long do they last? Operating a business is also about the longevity. To achieve this kind of success, business owners go to various seminars, read books and take courses at local colleges with good business programs. But it’s not just classes that can help you be a better businessperson. Why not try learning a new language?

Multitask Better

No matter your job title or your field of work, you’ll need to learn how to handle doing two or more tasks at the same time. This is especially true for business owners, especially in the early stages. You’ll need to be in contact with manufacturers, look for potential partners, and even do some dirty work. Even if you hire some people to help you out, you’ll need to oversee the work and make the major decisions.

This is where being bilingual comes in. Several research studies have shown that people who speak more than one language are better at multitasking than monolinguals. One particular study found that they can switch to a different task faster than people who only speak one language. Because each language has its own set of rules, the brains of bilingual people are already used to the constant changing. When your brain is already accustomed to toggling back and forth the whole day, working in business can be easier.

It Changes How Your Brain Works—for the Better


Years ago, there was a common misconception among parents in America. They didn’t want their children to learn a second language because it would just cause problems. Many parents believed that it would make it harder for kids to focus. Because why add another thing for children to learn when they’re already studying several subjects? In retrospect, research studies have shown that this is not true. In fact, bilingual kids typically perform better at school than their monolingual counterparts.

It may not cause your brain to slow down but learning a new language does change how it functions. Studies have shown that brains of bilinguals have more gray area. This means that they use more parts of the brain more compared to monolinguals. To put it simply, it’s beneficial because it helps retain memories better and even conflict management.

For any businessperson, having these advantages can mean a world of difference. Instead of constantly relying on your phone or computer, you can trust yourself to remember important details, meetings, and tasks. Because anything can happen to your devices, it’s best to avoid being co-dependent.

As for the latter, no matter how well you get along with the people you work, there will be conflict sooner of later. Since bilingual people are better at blocking off perceptual information that could cause bias, being able to focus on the relevant facts is crucial.

Wider Reach

If you ever look at online videos of Spanish-speaking artists, you might be surprised by the sheer number of views. There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of the artists or even the songs. But so many others have. This can be credited to the big Spanish-speaking market. It’s not just Spain that has it as its official language. It’s also spoken in many countries in South America as well as one in Africa. In fact, more people in the world speak Spanish than English.

While your target may not be Latin America, there is a lesson to be learned here. Bridging the language barrier can benefit your business unlike any other. And it doesn’t have to be Spanish. For example, if the area of your store happens to have a big immigrant population, it could be an advantage to learn their language.

Improve Social Skills

wider network

Beyond the cognitive functions, another advantage of bilingualism is empathy. A study in the UK has revealed that bilinguals are better at ignoring their own feelings to concentrate on another person.

This will come in handy in business negotiations and sales. If you can read the other person better, you can react properly and become a better communicator.

The benefits of language learning are far and wide. It can help you become healthier, make your brain bigger, and even make you a better businessperson.

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