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Law Firm Marketing During a Pandemic: How Does It Work?

Prior to COVID-19, successful law firm marketing plans had different messages and tone than they do now, and marketing is set to continuously evolve in the months to come. Why? Because the best marketing strategies consider who your ideal client is and what their fears are.

Instead of focusing on selling your services as a traumatic brain injury lawyer, ask, “What will resonate with my ideal client?”

The Reality of COVID-19

When COVID-19 first hit the US, everyone went into “survival mode” and life came to a halt. Everyone became hyper aware and hyper-concerned for the health of their loved ones. State governments imposed stay-at-home orders and businesses and schools shifted to an online environment. In terms of law firms, many wise lawyers scaled back their traditional marketing and shifted to PSA content.

Now, as states start to adapt to the new normal, some firms have reopened fully while others choose to operate partially. Some law practices chose to exclusively work remotely. But no matter what your firm’s set up is, the question that remains is, “What now?”

Consider the following marketing pointers.

How to Market Your Firm During a Pandemic

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  • NOW is the time to work on your business. Many law practices have not resumed their physical operations. Many of them also struggle since fewer clients and potential clients are in need of their services. Thus, now is the best time to spend more effort in your marketing, as well as improving your business. Spend an hour a day on strategies to grow your firm. Write your books. Watch webinars.
  • Up you social media game. Everyone is spending more time online, especially on social media. Make sure your firm has a strong presence on every platform your potential clients use. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Repurpose your content and change them according to the platform you’re using.
  • Zoom/FaceTime marketing. Start communicating with your clients using popular video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom or FaceTime. The more potential clients can personally connect with you, the greater the chances of them hiring you. In terms of regular clients, the more they feel that you are there for them, you increase the likelihood of them referring you to family and friends. You can also use these apps to record the conversations to build a video testimonial library. Record videos (with your client’s permission) so you can use them for your website or pushed out on social media. Remember: be responsible with these platforms.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. Unfortunately, many law practices do not have websites optimized for mobile phones. If potential clients can’t access your website wherever they are, they might choose your competitors.

Check your website on your phone and check if you can:

  • Access all the information
  • Easily navigate the website
  • Load the website quickly

If not, hire a website developer to help improve your site’s performance.

Pivoting your law firm forward is possible — even amid COVID-19. With effort and ingenuity, you can grow and reach more potential clients. Committing an hour to improving your marketing can help you grow your firm.

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