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Industrial Pump Maintenance Hacks

Many industries these days are dependent on large transfers of gases and liquids. For example, metric tons of oil is moved around in an oil refinery when it is being turned into gasoline or other products. One of the essential pieces of equipment that makes it all possible is the industrial pump.

So, you can imagine what problems can come up when it breaks down. Here are some tips on how you can keep your pump running properly and efficiently:

Know What Upgrades to Install

Industrial pumps are useful items and they do many essential duties in various industries. However, can you imagine going beyond the basics of the system? There are several useful upgrades that you can install, which are worth the investment. For example, installing a vacuum priming system can be a big help. With it, you can ensure that all pumps connected to the system are operating properly. However, you will also need to know how to keep these upgrades in good condition.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Most industrial operations designate two weeks out of the year to perform regular maintenance on their systems. This is done more frequently in factories where they use their equipment frequently. This is what you should do as well. Pumps go through wear-and-tear like normal equipment and giving them enough rest will allow you the chance to go over them with a fine-tooth comb.

It also gives you a chance to hire professionals and have them look over the systems properly. You should also clean the pump regularly–maybe on a weekly basis–to ensure that there is no dirt or blockage slowing it down.

Check Your Pump’s Age

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One of the great things about pumps is how well-made they are. Their basic operations are very simple and they work well for decades. However, no matter how good they seem to work, pumps that have been operating for 35 years are not in prime condition anymore. You will need to replace them with a newer model or face increasing problems.

Additionally, any pump that is approaching that age is going to experience some trouble. You can expect leaks, weaker pressure, and more in older pumps. A new pump can also be a great improvement. New technologies can make your system more efficient and effective.

Monitor Usage

Like any other tool, if you want a pump to keep pumping well, you need to use it properly. There are several things you should be looking at. For one, you will want to keep your pump at a reasonable temperature. Anytime a machine operates, it generates heat because of friction. High heat can be damaging since it degrades pump parts.

The next thing to do is keep it properly powered. Most pumps nowadays are electrically powered and you want the pump to be hooked up to the right voltage so that it operates at peak performance.

When millions of dollars of profits are on the line, you should do your best to keep your company’s industrial pump in good working condition. The tips above should help ensure that your pump won’t just break down. If you do it right, you can get the best value out of your pump for years.

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