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How to Stay Healthy in the Office: 5 Things You Need to Know

We’ve now entered a new era of obsession with sanitation and cleanliness. In this day and age, keeping your office clean is a moral obligation. However, many of us barely have the time for our own lives, let alone cleaning. You’re already stressed with your workload, and the last thing you need is to stew over an overflowing wastebasket.

But with the situation we are in, keeping your space clean could save your life. You never know where things around the office have been and who has come into contact with them, so keeping clean is keeping safe.

When we talk about office maintenance, people usually mean professional cleaners or Zebra printer repair. And while this is great for everyone, sometimes cleaning your own office is the only way. You know the nooks and crannies of your workspace better than anyone else, so here are five cleaning tips to keep you safe and sane at the workplace.

1. Leave it to the professionals

No matter how good you think you are at cleaning, you’ll never be as good as a professional cleaner. They don’t just vacuum the carpet and throw out the trash; they can also give your office space a proper deep-clean. Deep cleaning means going into the areas of the office that are often overlooked, like behind office cabinets or underneath desks.

Deep cleaning can also involve carpet cleaning, which is a smart idea to request as well. You never know just how much dirt has soaked into the carpets, and leaving them dirty might cause harm to everyone’s health. Not only can uncleaned carpets absorb dust that can affect respiratory systems, but they can also hold bits of food and debris that can lead to mold growth.

2. Focus on your desk

Your hands come into contact with so many things throughout the day, and some of those include your keyboard, mouse, and mobile phone. Research has shown that desktop computers can hold more germs than actual toilet seats. Do you want to take a chance on leaving your desk tech uncleaned?

Cleaning your work gadgets isn’t too much work. There are special cleaning solutions for sensitive screens and electronic devices, and you can use a microfiber cloth to pick up any stray lint or dander that could stay because of static. Clean your keyboard with some canned air and a brush, and wipe it down with a cleaning solution afterward.

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3. Always disinfect

Wipe down your station at least once a day. You can use paper towels and some rubbing alcohol since most surfaces can withstand alcohol, but if your desk and station are made of more sensitive materials, you can use mild wipes instead. Doing so will target any bacteria buildup during the week and help you eliminate dirt and food stains.

It can also help you declutter and organize your desk since you’ll be moving things around anyway. You get to hit two birds with one stone, plus your space will feel more refreshing to work at once you’re done with it.

4. Clear out the food

More often than not, people will forget that they put their lunch in the communal fridge. Some containers are unlabeled, food is left to go bad in boxes, and unfinished drinks can take up space. Soon, the entire pantry will end up smelling like rotten eggs if the fridge isn’t cleaned out. You and your workmates have to agree on a schedule to offload whatever is left over in there.

Make sure to label your food and containers clearly, and remind your co-workers that they still have stuff in the fridge. You can suggest taking turns to clean the fridge at the end of each week to avoid running into a health hazard when something that has gone bad ends up in someone’s tummy.

5. Sort your small items

Organizing your desk in a hurry can sometimes come at the cost of having a “dumping” drawer or the drawer you relegate random stuff into that doesn’t really belong in the other more organized drawers.

Keeping that desk cluttered can be a breeding ground for germs, so it’s best to empty it and organize what’s inside. Make use of spare bits of cardboard and DIY some compartments for smaller items like charger wires and pins, or buy some really cheap at a dollar store. Go through all of your drawers once a month to disinfect them and re-organize what’s inside.

A final word

These five cleaning tips will help you ensure worker safety and productivity while you’re at the office. Feel free to share these with your colleagues and help them stay safe and sane, as well. A clean workspace boosts morale and motivation, so disinfect and help yourself.

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