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Cleaning 101: How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom regularly and thoroughly goes beyond making this space tidy and pleasant. It also keeps you and the members of your household healthy. Periodic bathroom cleaning eliminates mildew and mold, which may cause problems for allergy and asthma sufferers. It may also get rid of harmful viruses, like the coronavirus, which can live on surfaces for days.

When cleaning bathrooms, you need to give this part of your house more effort and attention. After all, this is the space where you begin and end your day. It also serves as a fantastic space to relax and decompress.

If you need help cleaning this part of your home, check out these bathroom deep cleaning suggestions:

Begin with the Toilet

Many households in the US aren’t a fan of cleaning the toilet. An article published in the New York Post, reveals tackling the toilet is the least favorite chore of Americans.

Toilet cleaning, however, doesn’t have to be an odious process. Whether you’re cleaning a standard toilet or a toilet equipped with a bidet or other accessories, you can get the job done easily when you do the work as efficiently as possible.

Start by wiping down the toilet lid, flusher, rim, and tank using a clean microfiber cloth or paper towel. Next, thoroughly wipe the back of your toilet — an area often overlooked during a periodic house cleaning session. Giving extra time and attention to cleaning hard-to-reach areas prevents bacteria from accumulating easily inside the bathroom.

Then, scrub the bowl thoroughly using a toilet brush. Once you finish, flush the toilet and let this part of the bathroom dry properly.

Move on to the Shower Area

A filthy shower head will release dirty water onto the shower glass and other parts of the bathroom. When cleaning the shower head, use vinegar to disinfect the area and dislodge the dirt built up on the openings. Begin by filling a plastic bag with white vinegar. Then, submerge the shower head into the vinegar-filled bag and tie it securely. After a few minutes, take out the bag and switch on the shower head to wash off the vinegar.

Pro-tip: As the vinegar is cleaning the shower head, scrub the other parts of the shower, such as the shower walls and bathtub.


Scrub the Toilet Sink

Clean the sink drain first by pouring baking soda into the drain and flushing it with hot water. Next, sanitize the faucet and other parts of the sink using disinfectant wipes. This product kills off bacteria lingering on your sink.

Clean and Reseal Grouts

Mold, fungus, and other organisms reside in grouts. Eradicate them with bleach and a clean scrub brush. Dilute the bleach with water and pour it between the tiles. Then, scrub the tiles thoroughly and wash them to eliminate the dirt and bacteria.

Once you finish cleaning the grout, reseal it with your preferred sealing product. Penetrating sealers, a product that contains silicone and latex, keep moisture out of the grout. By re-sealing your grouts occasionally, you stop bacteria and other organisms from seeping between the tiles.

Following this process will allow you to deep clean your bathroom effectively. Once you finish freshening up this space in your house, disinfect your cleaning tools, such as toilet brushes and scrubbing pads. This way, you prevent the risk of cross-contaminating your bathroom and keep this part of your house sanitary.

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