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Helping Your Older Family Members Keep Their Memories Sharp

When one gets older, it is typical for their memories to fade; forgetfulness becomes a norm. But major lapses in memory lead to more than missed dates and misplaced items. In some instances, forgetfulness makes learning new things very challenging; so much so that it becomes a big source of anger and frustration. This may be something that you observe in your older family members.

If you have older family members at home or in a senior living facility in Ogden, you surely want to help them keep their mental faculties. Luckily, there are several ways to do this. Aside from their mental health, these solutions are also beneficial to their physical health.

Consider adopting these practices for your older family members. Not only will it help them, but it can improve your relationship with each other.

Give them a balanced diet.

Food plays an important role in improving your older family member’s health and well-being. Encourage a diet that is free of processed food. Introduce fruits, vegetables, and legumes that are rich in antioxidants that help sharpen memory. Additionally, replace meat with fish that is rich in omega-3 and other fatty acids. Salmon is a good example of this type of fish. These types of food are beneficial to brain health.

Help them find a new hobby.

seniors exercisingAlthough idleness does not cause memory problems, the lack of activities can lead to emotional problems. Helping your older family members find a new hobby is important for their mental well-being. A new avocation or pursuit stimulates the mind, which in turn helps sharpen memory. You can introduce painting or drawing to them. Tactile arts, such as pottery and knitting, are doubly beneficial to their motor skills.

Play mind-sharpening games with them.

If your older family member is not keen on hobbies, consider playing mind-sharpening games with them. Not only will these activities stimulate their minds, but it gives the two of you an opportunity to spend quality bonding time together. Classic examples of these games are chess and checkers. Brainteasers, such as crossword puzzles and Sudoku, will also help. If you want to give them a thrilling game, teach them how to play poker or bridge.

Encourage them to get the right amount of sleep.

Several studies have proven that sleep helps in improving brain health. When your brain gets enough rest, it becomes ready to accept and accommodate new information when you are awake. As such, it is important to make sure that your seniors are actually getting enough sleep.

Although being forgetful is a part of aging, there are ways to prevent it from happening frequently or worsening. If you have a loved one who becomes frustrated when they have lapses in their memories, you need to lend a helping hand. Take up these exercises and activities to help improve their memory and physical well-being. If you need additional help, consider approaching a medical professional. This way, you are better informed in your pursuit of helping your older family members.

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