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Business Majors: Career Paths They Can Explore

Business majors have a lot of skills and skills in various fields that are needed in the different aspects. They can be part of the corporate world, medical field, education sector, and many others because of their flexible and expansive skill set. They can be crafty, persuasive, analytical, systematic, and organized, among others. They can be leaders as well as team members.

Various careers need these skills, and these opportunities can sometimes be specific in what they need. For example, an individual might want to learn how to become a bondsman. Any graduate can explore this option, but they need to be familiar with legal matters and acquire a license.

There are some prerequisites for some career paths, but business majors are often flexible and knowledgeable. With that, here are some careers that a business graduate can go into:

  1. Accountant

This career calls for individuals to help a company manage its finances, earn a profit, and follow the law. They must know how to save a company’s funds and maximize its income. They usually have skills in computation, taxation, finances, and management. They also need knowledge about business law and ensure that the company abides by the governments’ regulation of businesses.

  1. Healthcare Administrator

This career offers business graduates the opportunity to work in the healthcare industry with their skills and knowledge in accounting, human resources marketing management, business law, and ethics. They are well-versed in information technology because they spearhead the department with their analytical skills. They work as team leaders in this field.

  1. Management Analysts

They are also called management consultants. They have to be analytical and great problem solvers because they will entertain clients with their data-gathering skills, organization, and presentation. These individuals make sure that their clients understand how their business works and help them analyze all information that they need in their business.

  1. Corporate Attorney

This job requires research writing and presentation skills to be mastered because they must be knowledgeable about business law. They handle business issues like bankruptcy, mergers, collections, contract, incorporation, and others under the broad spectrum of the corporate world. They need to have a law degree to work as a corporate attorney.

  1. Social Media Manager

This career requires an individual to be knowledgeable about technology and social media. They create a buzz about the business on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest. They gather followers, likers, subscribers, and customers for their business through engaging and entertaining posts. They also make their company known by posting their activities and reaching out to potential customers through social media, creating an online brand identity.

  1. Business Reporter

A business reporter utilizes print, radio, TV, and digital media to present their research about business trends, practices, and developments in the financial sector. They combine journalism and business analysis to conduct their research and report their findings through any form of media available.

  1. Financial Analyst

This career requires an extensive understanding of business, analyzing finances, conducting research on the strengths and weaknesses of various businesses, and knowing the latest trends in businesses. They evaluate companies and compare marketing strategies. They present this information and interpret data on the company’s finances, financial statements, and the metrics needed by their company. They also assess other industries and corporations by comparing the data from these industries.

  1. Business Professor

As the title implies, a business professor is a career in the education department as an instructor or teacher of any business subject. They have to be analytical and have strong communication skills to spread their knowledge about business to high school and college students. To work as a business professor, they have to possess extensive knowledge about business subjects, marketing management, finance, and accounting.

  1. Actuary

An actuary works in insurance companies to analyze probabilities when sudden death or disability strikes an individual. They aid insurance companies with researching and investigating the situation when someone claims for insurance. They should have skills and knowledge in accounting, analyze the situation, and calculate the risks in death, accident, illness, or fire where people can claim insurance.

  1. College Admissions Representative

As the name implies, they shall work in college admission. They need good communication skills to encourage students and parents to apply to their college or stay in their program. They create marketing plans to help their department promote their programs to potential students.

These careers can make any business graduate work in the field that is most suitable for them. They can enhance their college skills and improve their jobs until they reach the highest possible position their company can offer. They have to master their understanding of the business in different sectors to consistently reach their maximum potential in any career they have chosen.

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