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3 Reasons to Upgrade to an Aftermarket Performance Exhaust System

A lot of car manufacturers today install the lowest grade of exhaust systems that they can get away with, robbing you of the benefits of an upgraded car exhaust. You might think of adding a turbocharger or upgrading your vehicle’s cold air intake, but a new custom Mustang exhaust Australia will add fuel economy, aggressive sound, and horsepower. Here are the benefits of upgrading your car exhaust:

1. Improved Performance

Upgrading to a new, free-flowing exhaust system will boost the power of your vehicle since most aftermarket exhaust systems trade better performance for a slight increase in sound levels. When carmakers come up with the specs for their standard exhaust systems, they look for something that will have appeal to a broad cross-section of buyers. Therefore, nearly all new cars have exhaust systems that prioritize quiet operation over power.

Unfortunately, a quiet exhaust system is often more restrictive than a loud, free-flowing one, so you end up with a car that has a slight power handicap. When you combine a quality aftermarket exhaust upgrade with additional performance enhancements, like engine programmers and cold air intakes, your stock vehicle will receive a significant power boost.

2. Styling and Sound

An aftermarket upgrade to your car’s exhaust will almost always have visual cues that show that the vehicle is powerful. For instance, stainless steel and chrome exhaust tips are popular with many owners of modified cars. Stainless steel exhaust stacks, side-exit exhaust pipes, or dual exhausts are all styling cues that show other car enthusiasts that your vehicle is modified.

The sense of style is further enhanced since an after-market exhaust will give your car a distinct, aggressive sound. There is nothing that feels like the menacing sound of a high-powered V6 engine screaming down the highway or the rumble of a truck’s massive V8 rumbling threateningly. The sound effects may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they still give your car a sense of style.

3. Efficiency

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The addition of a high-performance after-market upgrade of your car exhaust system is likely to give your vehicle’s gas economy figures a boost — as long as you do not drive more aggressively after you add the exhaust.

Because an upgraded exhaust system is less restrictive of airflow, your car’s engine will run more efficiently. Admittedly, the efficiency gain is relatively small, but what you should be aiming for is the cumulative effect. If you own a truck and add a new cold air intake, the mileage could improve by as much as 10%, which is great news for drivers like you. As most trucks make 15mpg or lower on average, a 10% gain is a significant saving.

Get Your Car Exhaust Replaced by a Specialist

For as little as a couple of hundred dollars, you can get a Mustang exhaust expert in Australia to make your car sound different. These experts will install a new muffler, change the vehicle’s look by putting in a new exhaust tip, improve its fuel mileage, and increase its power.

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