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This map shows the places where I have visited thus far in my life.

From the Tuareg of the Sahara to the snake charmers of Marrakech, North Africa continues to grip me in its spell.

I am fascinated with Egypt. People marvel at the tumbled ruins of Rome and Greece but in Egypt, temples which are centuries older are still standing intact.

The blue ribbon of the Nile beckons to all. A cruise down its magical waters is like entering a time machine. But for all the treasures that have been unearthed, archeologists estimate that at least 50% still lie buried beneath the shifting sands.

 1982 Robert Burch Communications
 1990 Robert Burch Communications I never tire of Europe with its splendid castles, gourmet dining and fine wines. From the Norwegian fjords to the Italian Riviera, one could easily spend a lifetime exploring nooks and crannies that lie off
the beaten path.

I have executed several assignments for the French Government Tourist Office and each trip has brought new appreciation for just how much beauty and history can be compressed into so small an area. 

The Paris Lights, the Beaches at Normandy, Provence Perfumes, the Champagne Cellars of Reims, and the taste of rabbit from the Woods of the Loire: It is an assault on all the senses.

I am spoiled rotten whenever France beckons.

I have also wandered the Caribbean and the "Land Down Under" ... a never-ending supply of colorful images - tropical breezes, gorgeous sunsets, warm sands and the fascinating world beneath the sea. One of my great ambitions was to witness the eruption of a live volcano. This fantasy became a reality in 1988 when I arrived in Hawaii just in time to see Kilauea loose its awesome power. It remains the most humbling natural event I have ever seen.  1988 Robert Burch Communications
From the mid-70's to the mid-80's, I did a lot of industrial photography, primarily in the Middle East. The Shah still ruled Iran, Saddam wasn't yet a threat, Israel occupied the Sinai and Anwar Saddat enjoyed immense popularity.  Mega-construction projects were underway throughout the region - from super-highways and skyscrapers to enormous mobile construction camps and the continuing expansion of the petroleum infrastructure. Since most of these areas were off limits to tourists, the opportunity to experience the modernization of Arabia first-hand was unparalleled.
Unlike most foreign workers, as a wandering photographer I had the mobility and freedom to explore further afield.

In Iraq I saw the archeological remains of the "Hanging Gardens" of Babylon. In Iran I saw carpets woven of pure gold with silk designs. In Kuwait I wandered the Gold Souk and went sailing on ancient dhows, and in Saudi Arabia I attended a Bedouin wedding in the desert and smoked hookahs in the teahouses.
 1979 Robert Burch Communications
 1978 Robert Burch Communications
One moment time seemed to stand still, while the next was a hive of activity. With aerial photography strictly regulated by the military, it was a rare privilege to fly in a helicopter over the Persian Gulf and see eight super tankers loading their precious cargoes. 
Everywhere, pipelines snake their way across the sand, accompanied by plumes of fire as the roaring infernos of flare stacks burn off natural gas at the wellheads.
Both the United States and Canada provide a never-ending supply of images for my collection. I have been to all the Canadian provinces and territories, and visited 44 states in the US.
From major cities to our magnificent national parks, I am inspired by the wealth and splendor of natural beauty right here in our backyard. My favorite area has to be the American southwest with its sculptured rocks, secret canyons and mystical light.
 1993 Robert Burch Communications
 1991 Robert Burch Communications
And let us not forget America's rich culture of roadsite art - from jackelopes to Cadillac Ranch, from tacky mailboxes to bathtup Virgin Marys. Throw in some Mail Pouch chewing tobacco barn signs and monuments to Paul Bunyon, and I know I'll always find something new and interesting.