Your Guide to Starting a Roofing Company

Embarking on the journey of company ownership, driven by your passion, can be an incredibly fulfilling path. And what better way to combine your interests with work than in the thriving industry of roofing? With the number of new residential homes on the rise and older ones in need of repairs, the demand for roofers is only set to increase. The YouTube channel Roofing Insights will provide a comprehensive guide on how to kickstart your own roofing company.

Why Start a Roofing Company?
In 2020, the global roofing market was valued at a staggering $102.4 billion, a figure projected to reach $156 billion by 2030. Moreover, roofing is a highly profitable line of work, with roofing companies earning anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000.

Worried About Business?
For new roofing companies, attracting clients shouldn’t be a major concern.

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Effective marketing strategies, such as initiating a referral program, can be instrumental in drawing in new clients. The modern landscape offers a plethora of local marketing opportunities, making it easier than ever to spread the word about a new business.

Bottom Line
The roofing industry is a thriving sector with ample opportunities. The present is a favorable time to enter the market, and the growth rates projected for the next decade make it the ideal time for roofing companies. To get started, the YouTube video linked above provides valuable guidance.

The roofing industry is a thriving sector.

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