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The Startup’s First Office Space: What to Consider

One of the most exciting moments in being a business owner is when your startup has gotten big enough to merit moving into an actual office space. It signifies the start of a new phase for the company where you are in the ideal position to grow even further. With the opportunities that the move opens up, every decision about it and towards it becomes more critical. So what are the most crucial things to factor in when setting up your first office space?

Location and Accessibility

First of all, it’s essential to be practical about the decision as to where you plan to have an office space. The location must be accessible to your staff and your clientele, primarily if your business will involve regular face-to-face interactions with customers. An area right at the heart of an urban center would have a lot of customers with significant spending power, but that will come with high rental costs. Veer away from the city center, and you’ll find cheaper spaces, although the clientele might not be quite the same. Both could work, so the decision should rest on the type of business you are running and your company’s needs.

Do note that accessibility also involves getting to and from your office space. Make sure your staff can come to the office conveniently and on time so they can be productive.

Design and Infrastructure

Now, here’s the more fun part: designing the office space. Make sure that the area reflects your brand identity and culture. Browse office furniture online that fit that bill as well as other design elements, such as color palette, layout, and more. If your staff would need privacy, cubicles might be the way to go. Conversely, if there’s a need for constant teamwork and collaboration, an open layout might work better. Remember that design choices shouldn’t only be aesthetic, but also functional.

Infrastructure should also be a concern of yours, from telephone and Internet connectivity to heating and air conditioning.

Cost and Growth

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As mentioned earlier, the cost should be a factor in your decision about having an office space. While your company is in a trajectory of growth right now, you have to ask yourself how much you expect the business to grow in the next three, five, and maybe even ten years. That would determine how much space you need as well as how much you could and should be investing for the office.

Bear in mind that rental and lease rates can go up every so often, and that has to be factored into the decision. The cost would scale up, but if your company does so too, then that offsets the higher price tag. Read through rental agreements carefully as well, especially regarding renewing the contract.

Making the move to your first office space is undoubtedly thrilling, but the decisions that come with it also become more critical. Manage expectations, keep these things in mind, and make every decision count toward your company’s growth.

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