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The Different Types of Tools Used for Commercial Window Cleaning

Your business establishment’s exteriors will communicate a lot about what kind of service your customers should expect. Furthermore, dirty windows will minimize the amount of natural light which flows to your indoors and result in a drab environment. To guarantee you make the best first impression, it is essential that your windows are kept spotless.

This is not an easy task, however, with most commercial buildings being hosted on storied buildings. Moreover, those on the ground floor feature large windows which are a hassle to keep thoroughly clean.

Most businesses think hiring janitorial services to keep their Salt Lake City windows spotless is a waste. This to them sounds like an easy task which their in-house cleaners can efficiently handle. However, commercial window cleaning is not as simple as wiping a few mirrors and getting the job done. The following are some of the tools needed for a sparkling clean window.


The washer is designed for applying different chemicals onto your windows. Washers come in different sizes and models though they all comprise a T-bar and sleeve which is often bought separately. The sleeves are made of cotton, an abrasive material or microfiber. The ideal material for the sleeve will depend on the glass type used for your windows.


Person cleaning the window using a squeegeeThis is meant to dry your windows and remove water and detergent streaks thus leaving a spotless and crystal-clear window. Its most important parts are the rubber and blade. The blade is kept sharp and free of cracks and nicks which might damage your window. The squeegee also comes with different handles which allow their user unlimited access to all parts of your window.


This is meant for the removal of impurities which might be caked on your window. The most common are bird droppings and mud which will nick your squeegee’s rubber and make streaks if not sufficiently addressed. The scraper comprises a sharp blade and a handle. The blade is run along your windows and mows through the material to be scraped off. The razor used is flat so that it will not scrape your windows.

Extension Poles

These are a must-have for cleaning high spots on your window. In most cases, it is prudent to stock a broad range of pole heights so that all places on a window can be reached. The handles of washers and squeegees are designed for attachment to the end of extension poles.

Hoisting Equipment

For windows that are too high, extension poles might not suffice. The ideal solution to reach these windows is the use of hoisting equipment. These are attached on vehicles with poles which will raise a cleaner to the level of the windows. The equipment also comes with restraining implements to guarantee the worker’s safety.

Most of the tools above are available at your local store. As such, it is easy to assume that you can stock them and get your in-house janitor to clean the windows. Their maintenance is expensive, though, and their use requires expertise to guarantee the best job. Your best choice is to outsource janitorial services to minimize your costs and ensure optimally clean windows.​

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