The Big Brainy and Bodily Benefits of Being Part of a Fandom

Do you have a special interest you want to share with your friends and family? Are peoplewondering why you’re so interested in something on TV? If you have doubts about how to answer inquiries regarding your fandom, or if you want more reasons to participate in one, here are a few of the benefits.

Learning Something New

Being a fan of a TV show or a piece of classic literature encourages a person to work on their intellectual and physical growth. When you’re a fan of a book, you learn about life or lives outside your own, creating empathy and an awareness of the world.

People have learned about survival, inventiveness, fitness, and even basic needs such as cooking and how to make food interesting. Each day presents a powerful learning experience and, by spending even an hour or a half hour to read or watch something new, you keep your mind sharp and gain an arsenal of interesting facts.

Friendship and Community

A fandom allows people to connect and find camaraderie in a world that’s quickly becoming indifferent and almost lonely. There are stories online about friends who’ve never found a reason to travel abroad until they decided to meet up at a TV convention. There are even more romantic tales of people who innocently started out in a comic book fandom and eventually hooked up.

People can find unity in some of the most peculiar situations. There’s no reason to feel bad or ashamed about feeling connected with someone through the internet. The next time you have the chance to go to athlete autograph appearances, go ahead and indulge. It’s a rare opportunity to be part of something so exciting and fulfilling.

Creative Outlet

Aside from learning a new skill or finding friendship across the globe, being part of a fandom encourages artists and crafters to express themselves in healthy and even lucrative ways. Gone are the days when you need to have connections to certain people solely for the purpose of gaining an audience and clientele. Now, anyone can participate in conventions as common as baking, painting, and sports to the more unique interests like the Medieval and Renaissance fairs or competitive Halloween parks.

Comfort in Grief

man comforted by his friends

Being part of an online or local community isn’t just all for relaxation and entertainment. There are many situations where a person or group is comforted by the majority of their fellow fans because they went through grief in their personal lives. In fact, some groups have taken to sharing their woes with each other to help reduce the sorrow of loss. The world is a small place and people can always spare the time to educate and encourage.

Fandoms are now so well connected thanks to the internet. People can feel that they belong to a lively bunch of people who know how to have fun and spend their hours in heated, friendly discussion. As long as you’re having fun and no one is getting into real trouble, celebrate your fandom today.

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