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Staffing Agencies: Your Direct Access to Qualified Employees

In every business, the workforce serves as the backbone of its operations. However, finding qualified and skilled individuals to take on positions in a company is quite time-consuming and elaborate. If you own a transportation business, you too may find that acquiring good talent is a challenging task.

The hiring process typically involves sorting through and reviewing applications, holding interviews, negotiating terms of payment, and drafting employment contracts. Such procedures take a lot of time that would have gone instead to operations which yield profits.

If you wish to avoid going through all the trouble and losing potential income but also don’t want to compromise the employment process, why not consider partnering with a staffing agency? Below, we’ll discuss several reasons why it’s beneficial to utilize the services of a driver placement company. But, before that, let’s tackle how the hiring process in this kind of set-up work.

How Staffing Agencies Fill Positions

Nicole Fallon of Business News Daily shares that according to author Amy White, the primary types of jobs filled by staffing agencies include temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire.

As implied by the term, temporary employment pertains to assignments that have a set duration. Simply put, these are project-based or contractual jobs. As for assignments under the temp-to-hire category, these are initially temporary and meant to gauge the expertise of a candidate. They provide an opportunity for long-term employment given that the employer approves of the worker’s performance. Lastly, direct hire refers to full-time permanent positions, and the staffing company simply serves as a recruiter in the hiring process.

Accordingly, if a staffing company lacks an employee who suits a role, it will advertise the position and look for an appropriate candidate. It will take on the tasks of reviewing applications and holding interviews, as well as conducting background checks. Then, if the candidate is deemed fit for the job, the person will be hired or turned over to the client. The staffing agency will issue the salary and benefits, but the client determines the employment duration.

The Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency

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  • Cost-effective. Due to the hiring process will be taken care of by the staffing agency, you’ll be saved from the costs that it entails. Moreover, when you don’t spend time on hiring procedures, you won’t risk losing opportunities for generating profits.
  • Future prospects. If an agency is able to provide you with an adept worker, then you’ll already know who to approach when you need to fill more positions in the future. This being said, if you’re looking for drivers, find a reputable CDL driver staffing and placement company.
  • Direct marketing. If you post a job, there’s no guarantee that qualified candidates will be exposed to the ad. Therefore, to avoid wasting valuable resources on unsure marketing methods, it’s best to coordinate with a placement company so you’ll have automatic access to qualified leads.
  • Reduced risks. When matters fail to work as planned, it’s relatively easier to address the problem. All you have to do is inform the agency and ask them to find someone who is more suited to your company’s needs. The task of severing ties with new hires can also be allotted to the staffing company.

Hiring can be stressful and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. With the assistance of a reliable placement agency, finding a competent employee will be a breeze.

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