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Seven Ways to Invite More Customers Through Improved Curb Appeal

The best time to impress your customers is the first time they go to your store or office. There are no second chances when it comes to attracting your customers to your business. There will be rare times when they will go back to your store, of course, but those are far and in-between. At the most, once you’ve lost customers, you’ve lost them forever. So, it’s highly important to impress them the first time they get to your store or office. This is the role of improving your curbside appeal. It makes a case for you.

Remember that much like a home, your business’ curb appeal will tell a lot about you. Impressing your neighbors with your front lawn is one thing, but to do that with your business customers is another. A retail store or office has as much obligation to improve its curb appeal for its customers as a homeowner does for the purpose of beautifying his home.

Think Green

The best way to improve the curb appeal of your business is to add some greenery upfront. Planters on either side of the door and some hanging plants and baskets will do great for your business. If you have a large empty land in front of your business, call a commercial landscaping company to add plants, flowers, and shrubbery in front of your store. You should also repair walkways and steps leading to your office’s or store’s front door. Making sure that there are no tripping hazards for your customers is one way to get them to come back, too.

Get a Welcome Mat or Signage

It’s the simplest thing that sometimes makes the most impact. A welcome mat or signage will make customers feel welcome. They will feel as if you are waiting for them to enter those doors. Sometimes, offices and stores tend to be a little intimidating. Customers will not want to return to a store that doesn’t make them feel welcome.

Invest in a New Sign

Do you have business signage? If so, when was the last time you had it cleaned, maintained, or fixed? If your business signage is outdated, that doesn’t say much about your office or store, does it? Invest in a new sign. You don’t have to redesign it completely, but you have to make it look new. There’s something about business signage that attracts customers. Your business signage should send the right message to your target market.

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Inject Some Color

Does your curbside look dull? Can you, perhaps, boost it with some bright colors? Think about the theme of your business. What color motif will work best with the kind of business that you are operating? Make your store or office stand out by adding a vibrant color that will make passersby want to check it out.

Clean It Every Day

It’s a simple task that many homeowners forget to do every day. If you cannot commit to doing it, then ask your employees to do it. If your employees cannot be responsible enough to make sure the storefront always looks clean, then you are hiring the wrong people. You don’t need a professional cleaner to do this for you. Sweeping the debris, fallen leaves, and dust should be a routine for all business owners. A clean curbside will instantly make your store or office more appealing.

Make the Parking Lot Safe

The most practical way to keep customers going back to your store or office is to make sure the parking lot is safe. If they feel like they can stay for a long time inside your store without worrying about their cars and personal belongings in the parking lot, then you will have more time to sell to them. It is your responsibility to keep your customers safe and secure, and that all starts with the parking lot.

Use Seasonal Décor, Then Take Them out on Time

Holiday decorations are great. Halloween décor is fun. However, if you don’t take them out on time, it contributes to making your storefront look outdated. While you have to take care when to put it up, it is equally important to take them out on time.

Customers will judge your business based on what they see. They will decide whether to support it or not based on how they see you take care of it. Many of them will rely on how the storefront looks or how appealing the curbside is. One of the things you have to do as a business owner is ensuring that your customers will be impressed by your storefront.

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