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Infidelity: One of the Top Reasons for Divorce

Marriage is a union of two people in love. They vow to be with each other for better, for worse, and in sickness and in health. An affair outside this union, however, can diminish these sacred vows.

Data show that 59.6 percent of divorced couples cited “infidelity or extramarital affairs” as one of the top reasons for divorce. Other reasons include “lack of commitment,” which got the top spot with 75 percent and “excessive arguing” with 57.7 percent.

Why Does Infidelity Happen in Relationships?

Certain factors, such as childhood trauma, troubled relationship, or the need for external intimacy often trigger committed individuals to cheat on their partners. But these reasons are not enough to justify infidelity since it also happens even in happy relationships.

Marriage experts believe that people cheat despite being in a healthy relationship because of self-exploration. Cheaters view infidelity as an exploration of their long-repressed selves, of things they’ve never experienced. These types of cheaters long to find themselves rather than look for another person.

Another reason people cheat is that they feel young again every time they sneak out and have a secret relationship. Experts describe this feeling as a seductive nature of the transgression, which is equivalent to attraction plus obstacles equals excitement.

How Does Infidelity Affect Marriage?

It’s devastating to discover that your spouse is having an affair. It takes away your trust, in your spouse and in other people. Infidelity can also make you feel mixed emotions, like you want to cry and scream at the same time. You would tend to blame your spouse, the third party, and yourself.

It would be hard to admit at first that your partner is having an affair despite the evidence. But you have to face the facts and face the problem in a healthy manner. You need to take control and seek legal help. Know, though, that different laws apply in different states when you’ve opted to get a divorce.

When you get a divorce attorney in Rio Rancho, for instance, can you cite adultery as a reason?

Proving Infidelity During Divorce

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Infidelity is a legal ground for divorce in most states, including New Mexico. Such reason may have limitations in some locations.

When citing infidelity or adultery in a divorce, you must prove in court that your spouse has cheated on you. How would you do that?

It could be challenging to gather evidence that your partner is cheating, especially if your spouse and the other person keep a low profile. You can hire a private investigator to take photos that can prove your spouse’s affair. But make sure to hire a certified one so that the photos your lawyer will enter into evidence will be valid.

You can also use indirect proof or circumstantial evidence to prove your spouse is having an affair. The evidence should show that your partner has the opportunity and the inclination to commit adultery. Support your indirect proof with hotel or travel records, love letters, and text messages that indicate a romantic involvement with another.

A marriage ending is never easy, especially when the reason involves infidelity. But you have a legal remedy to a difficult problem. And once the divorce goes through, you can move on to the next chapter in your life.

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