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Employee Recognition: The Best Ways to Reward Your Employees

Employees need a little recognition every now and then for the many contributions they make to your company. Celebrating their achievements and rewarding their hard work is necessary to keep them motivated and engaged enough to do their best work. It’s also essential if you want them to keep working for you in the long run. The following are some simple yet worthwhile rewards you can give to your employees to boost their productivity and morale.

Prioritize employee benefits

Employee benefits are beneficial perks that you offer to employees besides their salary and they can be extremely valuable to them. This is why it’s important to establish a work environment that prioritizes employee benefits. This can be done by working with the best employee benefits providers who can ensure that your employees are receiving the benefits they deserve. Streamlining the process of receiving the most worthwhile benefits is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Send a thank-you note

A personalized, handwritten thank you note letting your employees know you appreciate the work they do goes a long way in this digital age. They’re especially practical if you’re acknowledging smaller but still important accomplishments.

Listen to your employees

How do you know if you’re giving your employees the rewards they truly want? Ask them! Speak with your employees and ask them what they would appreciate from you as far as rewards go. You can go the extra mile by supplying your staff with an anonymous suggestion box for ideas and concerns. This is especially useful if some of your employees are still a bit shy about voicing what they want from you. It provides them with a safe method of communicating things they might not otherwise feel confident doing.

Keep a record of achievements

You’ve seen the thermometers that fundraisers use to track the progress of donations as they approach their goal. This is both a way to keep your team accountable as well as to celebrate their achievements, no matter how small. You could communicate this through a visual approach or by simply letting everyone know about small milestones during regular meetings. Whatever method you choose, all that matters is that you acknowledge your employees’ accomplishments and let everyone know about it.

Take your team out to lunch

Everyone loves free food, especially if you’re eating out to celebrate an achievement. This is a great time to get to know your team a lot more as well as to familiarise yourself with their individual accomplishments.

Add a staff roster to your website

Let everyone know who’s behind the great work that your team does by putting your staff’s pictures and names up on your website. You might not be able to put everyone on your website, unless you’re a small team. But it’s still worthwhile to put up as many names on there as you can if you’re a larger business.

Help your employees with commuting

Some of your staff may run up some additional expenses during their commute or for parking. While it’s difficult to cover all transportation costs, you might be able to help out by paying for bus tickets or parking garage passes. This will significantly help out your staff who live farthest away and have to make the most difficult commutes.

A business wouldn’t be able to function without its employees. It’s important to show them how much you value the work that they do with small rewards and recognition.

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