Containment Systems that You Can Use for Your Warehouse

Being an industrial country, Australia has many factories that produce dangerous goods. This also means that it is not immune to fires, which are hazardous to both humans and the environment. How do you prevent these from happening? You invest in the right storage and containment systems. Here are some options:

1. IBC Spill Pallets

IBC stands for intermediate bulk containers. These are types of bulk storage one can use over and over. They can also contain various substances, including flammable or hazardous ones. These include chemical powders and crude oils.

An IBC spill pallet, meanwhile, is a bunded containment system. In other words, the pallets feature barriers or raised edges. They are also closed to prevent leaks from falling or dripping directly into the floor.

This type of pallet can also come with a mesh or metal cage, which can restrict the movements of the containers. This comes in handy when the company needs to transport them.

2. Drum Spill Pallets

These are similar to the IBC spill pallet. The most significant difference is the design. This one tends to be low and can accommodate two or more drums at any given time, depending on their sizes. Some may even include a ramp to make drum placement and removal more comfortable, faster, and more convenient.

3. Drive Over Bunding

These are the bunding systems attached directly to the surface. One will typically find this in the garages and parking areas, where large trucks containing substances will be.

Unlike the pallets, any leak can scatter all over the surface. The main advantage of the bund is that it contains the spill within a specific area. The best drive-over bunding doesn’t work like a hump. It allows for a smooth transition and stop of a vehicle, and it doesn’t stimulate the movement of goods while the truck is trying to park.

4. Bunded Shelving

Shelving warehouse

These are shelving systems that come with a sump. It usually features a long-span pallet with metal grills above.

The shelves can be multi-tiered, which makes it an ideal option for warehouses and facilities where space is a premium. They may also be adjustable, which is necessary when different-sized containers are around.

In some cases, a lockable mesh encloses the entire shelf. It is helpful to reduce the movements of the items, as well as prevent unauthorised individuals from taking the containers.

5. Metal Cages

These cages feature a metal mesh that can be a few feet tall, depending on the size of the item it needs to contain. Some of them may come with a wooden pallet, which is both economical and environmentally friendly. They can also have caster wheels, so they are much easier to transport. One may also haul them into a vehicle or a truck, but people need to secure them with a durable cord.

6. Dangerous Goods Cabinets

There may be situations when you need to keep these dangerous substances outdoors. For this, you may need a cabinet of hazardous goods. This one can be closed or open, in which case it comes with a metal mesh so you can see what’s inside. Both systems are usually lockable to limit access. The material used is also weatherproof.

They also need to be stable, although some may be transportable, so they feature wheels. These products tend to have a vibrant colour such as yellow to make them distinguishable.

Investing in these systems does not only save you money from possible spills or leaks; it also ensures that you are compliant with the law. You create a safe environment for your workers and the surrounding community.

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