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Brain Injuries: What You Should Know About Them

According to statistics, bustling cities like Los Angeles suffer a higher rate of brain injuries. That’s why it’s important to be adequately compensated. For your brain injury attorney from Los Angeles to represent you and build a case properly, it would be helpful for both you and your attorney if you were also knowledgeable about brain injuries. Before we identify the common types of brain injuries, we should define what a brain injury is and how it happens. A brain injury occurs when the head suffers a significant trauma.

Some of the leading causes of brain injuries are vehicle collision accidents. Another is falls caused by slipping or missteps. A few special cases are infants, who, due to their fragility, are at risk of getting a brain injury due to extreme shaking. Cities have a higher volume of people, which puts more people in harm’s way.

Besides knowing the causes, it is also important to be sure that what you do have is a brain injury. You should watch out for these symptoms. The brain controls most of the body processes, so someone who is injured can have trouble communicating, body coordination, or other cognitive activities, such as logic and reasoning. They can also suffer in terms of sensory perception, and have blurry vision in one or both eyes. One can use these and the causes, in identifying the kind of brain injury they have.


Concussions, also referred to as mild traumatic brain injury, are the most common types of brain injuries. It is the shaking of your brain due to an extreme impact. It is characterized either by an immediate loss of consciousness or lowered awareness and alertness, depending on the injury’s severity. One should apply first aid immediately to avoid life-long damage.

Some people, such as football athletes, have a higher chance of experiencing frequent concussions. It can be due to their environment or their occupation. It causes them to develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which can permanently change a person’s brain function and affect their moods and behaviors.

Brain Contusion

doctor looking at head xrayA brain contusion, which is bleeding under the skin, usually occurs with concussions. It is vital to stop the bleeding immediately. If left unchecked, the bleeding can clot and create a hematoma, which causes more complications depending on the location. If it is covering an essential part of the brain, it can further degrade brain function.

Coup-Contrecoup Brain Injury

This injury happens when the impact is extreme enough to cause damage not only at the point of impact but also opposite it. It can cause more damage, and affected patients will need more extensive support. These injuries are usually due to severe car accidents or more forceful falls. The gravity of the injury is dependent on various factors, such as the patient’s age, overall brain health, impact location, and severity.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

This injury is restricted to infants. Sometimes, parents can get extremely frustrated with child care and take out their anger on their child. It can lead to them shaking their baby, which can cause them to suffer a lot of injuries. These can range from hemorrhages and strokes to damage to the brain stem. If not tended to immediately, they can become fatal.

Brain injuries need to be given the utmost priority when it comes to being treated. That is why when accidents happen, you deserve the appropriate compensation. To help you attain this, cooperate with your attorney and research well your circumstances to build a strong case.

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