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Best Extracurricular Activities Kids and Teens Should Try

Schools usually include extracurricular activities in their programs, but if your child has more free time to spare and a budding talent that should be enhanced, then enrolling them in after-school activities is definitely something to consider. Social skills, which are developed by extracurricular activities, are just as important as academic skills.

If you’re a parent who’s still wondering what makes extracurricular activities worthwhile, here are some of the best ones your kid or teen should try, along with the reasons they’re beneficial:

1. Music

If your child is gifted with a golden voice or a natural talent to learn to play musical instruments quickly, then signing them up for voice and music lessons can enhance that talent. Apart from mastering their craft, children can also be exposed to history and culture through music. Classical musicians are also a notable part of history, after all.

2. Cooking

Cooking can be taught to kids as young as two years old! When kids learn how to cook, they’ll develop an appreciation for healthy food. They’ll also learn to follow instructions and even appreciate literature. Phonics lessons can be incorporated into cooking lessons for young children.

3. Dance

Dance is a highly interesting activity with its wide range of styles to choose from. If your kid learns traditional folk dances, they’d also be learning its origins, hence, exposing them to history and culture as well. They’ll also be more disciplined because learning dance takes concentration and endurance.

4. Sports

four girls playing baseballIf you’re intimidated by sports because of the likelihood of your child sustaining injuries, then you can opt for something less intense, like golf, archery, or chess, unless your kid personally prefers basketball, volleyball, or other more vigorous types of sport. When they play team sports, they’ll be learning the value of teamwork and strategizing.

Meanwhile, integrity can be developed and enhanced in golf, because of the sport’s unique rule that requires the player to call a penalty on themselves. In archery, attention span can be improved because its players need to be intently focused and concentrated while aiming the arrow to the target. (Safety is a priority in the sport, so don’t worry about the pointed arrows!) And in chess, strategizing skills can also be developed as well as analyzing skills.

Ultimately, all sports teach kids sportsmanship, which contributes to better social skills.

5. Handicrafts

Sculpting, sewing, pottery, sculpting are all examples of handicrafts. These activities keep your kids occupied while having their patience and focus improved. In addition, kids will also be given chances to put their creativity into practice, resulting in possible career preferences for design or fashion.

6. Drama Club

If you have a shy kid, taking them to drama classes may help them overcome their bashfulness. If they do good, their artistic, public speaking and social skills will immensely improve. Apart from those, their memory and improvisation skills can also be enhanced.

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Students, especially those in high school, undergo a lot of pressure to perform well academically. This can result in them barely having any time for social affairs, and social interactions are important for anyone’s well-being.

This is where extracurricular or after-school activities come to play. With these additional load in your kid or teen’s schedule, they will learn to manage their time more efficiently. When a student has good time management skills, they’re less likely to procrastinate.

They’ll also learn more useful skills that aren’t always taught in classrooms. Furthermore, they will develop a sense of responsibility and commitment, two essential skills in all areas of their lives, especially in adulthood.

All of these skills contribute to an improved academic performance. With effective time management, responsibility, discipline, and focus, your kids will get higher grades and will achieve holistic development.

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