Religious Education

Benefits of a Religious Education for Your Child

The impact of sending your child for religious education can extend beyond the religious. They can help your child develop in every way. If your family values religious learning alongside emotional and spiritual growth, sending your child to a religious school might be a wise decision for you. Here are some ways they can help your child develop:

Creating a strong moral compass

A religious school does not simply focus on Bible education or studying the scripture, which is usually what happens during weekly Bible study classes. These schools help your child internalize the teachings of the book and implement them in their own lives to leave a moral and ethical life. From an early age, they will help your child understand the importance of values, such as sharing and ethics, and the importance of family. Your child is going to be more likely to stand up to injustice. They will become an all-around more compassionate person.

Exposing them to a rigorous education

It’s a common misconception that religious schools mostly focus on the religious aspect of education. They are often excellent academically as well as they tend to be more selective. A look at the high school curriculum of Gilbert Christian Schools shows that they cover much more than the minimum requirements. These schools also have fewer students, so your child will get individual attention from their teachers in class.

Helping them feel part of a community

When you send your child to a public high school, you might have to worry about the types of friends they are making. People can come from a range of backgrounds and values. At a religious school, you can be assured that your child will grow up in a faith-based community. They are going to participate in various events, and they will see the same people at church. Your families can become connected through this process so that your child feels like they are simply part of one big family.


Helping them find guidance and mentorship

Usually, schools don’t get involved in other aspects of children’s lives such as problems faced during adolescence. If your child goes to school in a close community, they are more likely to find guidance from mentors, whom you are also familiar with. They can help you child with advice on how to deal with situations and problems, coming from a value system that you are comfortable with. Your child will be less likely to get poor advice, and they will not try out things that are negative for them. Their mentors can also guide them in ways that will boost their career.

Teaching your child to give back

Service is a big part of religious education. You don’t want your child to grow up close-minded, living only for themselves. Religious schools are often involved in various charitable institutes and philanthropic efforts, from running soup kitchens to fundraising. This will help your child realize the importance of selfless service.

Going to a religious school is bound to be an enriching experience for your child. It’s important to do your research to find out what exactly the school has to offer. These are some good reasons to look into religious schooling.

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