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Are Your Employees Protected from Dangers in the Workplace?

Personal protective equipment or PPE can get old with constant use. Many companies make it mandatory to replace it every year to prevent any accident or injury. Every workplace has specific attire that is best suited for working properly as it is necessary for safety purposes. Workwear suppliers allow companies and their staff to be identified quickly, as well as provide protection rom possible harm or injury.

However, purchasing an industrial supply equipment each year can cost companies a lot. Since your field employees have to use safety gears when they work and companies are required to provide these equipment, here are some tips on how to manage their personal protective equipment without incurring financial loss.

Allocate an onsite storage

Instruct your employees to put their equipment back in the designated storage lockers after their shift. It is essential that the storage area has enough space to put all the employee’s safety gear in without causing damage to sensitive parts. Otherwise, your employees might try to push everything in which may end up breaking them. You may also want to check the lockers to ensure that they have enough space for proper storage.

Ensure that the employees sign a list

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Ensuring that the employees sign a record that’ll tell you that they’ve already returned the pieces of equipment will keep things in order. If in case one of your employees forgot to return the equipment, then you’ll know about it immediately. Also, if your employees know that you’re keeping a list of all the pieces of equipment, they’re more likely to take care of it. Ensuring that you have a list will prevent any chances of losing equipment.

Keep all the PPE clean at least once each month

Ensure that all of the protective clothing and other pieces of equipment are regularly cleaned. Washing it once a week will prevent it from getting dirty. Also, keep an eye out for any holes and other signs of damage. Such damage could compromise your worker’s safety, so it is best to ask for a replacement. You may also clean the goggles and hard hats with warm water once a month. Keeping everything clean will surely lengthen the PPE’s durability.

Provide Your Staff with the Right Equipment

If your staff needs high-visibility workwear, you need to make sure you choose the proper colours that would make them visible even in the dark of night. These have a fluorescent effect about them which makes the workers easily visible from motorists and other road users.

Fire-resistant trousers and overalls protect workers in risky work environments. These are not just your average trousers. They are heavy trousers made out of heavy duty material that is resistant to heat and fire. Miners and mechanics often wear them, and they can be lightweight for those warm seasons but they are certainly not for casual purposes.

The proper PPE and work gear ensures staff safety. But they also ensure that you keep costs down when it comes to work equipment maintenance.

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