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A Guide to Acing Your College Application

Parents will always tell their children that good education is crucial if they want to be successful in the future. These children will tell their own children the same thing someday, and so the cycle of competing for a spot in prestigious universities continues. You’ll want to improve your chances if you’re the one in the competition. Get all the help you can get.

Enlist All Relevant Activities

Being active in school and the community will look good in the eyes of admissions officers. In a sea of good grades, they’ll look for people who can offer more. Even a college admissions advisor will tell you not to rely on your academic performance alone. Many have had their eyes set on a particular university for years, and they have spent their time on activities that will help boost their name in the eyes of the admission committee. If you are starting late on your college plans, you’ll need to catch up and double up on extracurricular activities without letting your grades slip.

Go Beyond the Surface

Anyone can write an essay referencing the most influential figure at the moment. It can be the president of your country or a well-known advocate of human rights and equality. You’re trying to tell people what you believe in, but sadly, it’s not enough to write what you think that everyone wants to read about. Don’t be afraid to write your essay with a different perspective or share personal anecdotes that have changed your view on life drastically. Write about something you haven’t already talked about in other parts of the application. If you want to write about an influential figure, do it without making your essay sound like it’s been written just to impress the reader. Your primary goal is to be honest about your intentions, not to write so beautifully but still miss the point.

Connect with People

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Sure, you are getting into your college of choice depending on your achievements, but it won’t hurt to have a few connections to back you up. This is part of the reason why parents encourage their children to attend the same university they graduated from. Your parents will not be able to affect the result of your application. However, their experience can help you.

The admission offices of some universities value the legacy connections of applicants, encouraging students to state their university ties clearly on their applications. With that in mind, in addition to your admissions advisor, your relatives who graduated from your dream university can give you insight into the application process. As a result, you can prepare for it mentally and emotionally. You will also have an idea of what these prestigious schools want to see in applications. You’re trying to impress these academic institutions on paper, but with a few legacy connections, you can be more than just another applicant on their long list.

It’s never easy to apply to your dream school, and the pressure attributed to it will only add to your worries. Surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your goals in every way.

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