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A Breakdown of the Bail Bonds Process

Have you ever gotten into trouble with law enforcers and do not know what to do? Well, if yes, you are not the only one. A significant number of first-time offenders do not know what they should do once a law enforcer arrests them. Any offender has legal rights that legal representation bodies obey, and one of these is the right to a release from jail on bail.

The offender should pay a certain amount of money as bail for their release. If they do not have the full amount, they can seek the services of a bondsman in Charlotte who will pay up the amount for their release. It is crucial to know the bail bonds process just in case you face criminal charges. The process of getting a bails bond has four main steps which include:

Criminal Conviction

Studies reveal that a third of the people aged between 23 and 25 get arrested for different reasons. The criminal charges vary from small charges to serious criminal charges. It is essential that you note not all criminal charges offer the accused the option of getting bail. A number of the charges that you can get bail are DUI, misdemeanors, and other minimal criminal charges.

Contact by a Convict

Upon your arrest, an accused individual has a legal right to contact a friend, family member, or bail bonds service. In some instances, the defendant does not have the contact information of a bondsman. In such, s/he can reach out to a friend or family member and request them to contact a bail bondsman on his/her behalf.

Getting Help for Bail

Bail bondsman talking to a judgeBy far, this is an essential step of the entire process. You decide on hiring a bail bondsman or not, and that is central in you getting a bail or not. Conversations with the bondsman include a brief explanation of the charges, the location of the jail, and the payable fee. If you agree with the terms of the contract, the bail bondman begins the process of pleading a guarantee for the accused. Upon successful negotiation and payment of the bail bond, the accused gets a free release from the jail.

Appearance for Court Hearings

The final step of this bond process includes the appearing of the defendant for the hearing of the trial in court. Usually, the day of the hearing is set and communicated and should you should not miss it. The judge in the court will look into the criminal history record of the accused and analyze the submitted bail bond guarantee. S/he will also go through the bail papers. The judge then grants the defendant a release provided the bondsman takes up the financial burden.

Seeking bail bind does not matter the criminal offense you committed or your location. You can enjoy the services of a bondsman in Charlotte to handle your criminal charges case. An experienced bondsman guarantees you fast and hassle-free release. Getting this service will free you from spending time in police custody so you can go about your daily life. You, however, need to keep the promise of showing up for your court hearings on the expected date.

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