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5 Tips on How Insurance Agents Can Successfully Sell from Home

Whether we’re in the middle of a global health crisis or not, insurance agents shouldn’t be too complacent to stick to just one mode of selling. While face-to-face interactions are the primary tactic of the trade, agents have to be adaptable. Despite being remote, they should still aim to create meaningful connections with new customers.

Apart from tweaking sales copies, retargeting ads, and revamping the design of their insurance firm’s website, insurance agents have to reform their approach amidst these trying times. Here’s how they can do that.

Explore and exhaust all possibilities

Websites, teleconferencing, one-on-one video chatting, direct messaging, e-mail marketing, and even vlogging are all effective virtual sales tools. But it’s not enough you dabble in these; you have to use these tools to their full potential.

If you’re on a video conference call, continue to dress smartly and establish a pleasing backdrop for your prospects to see. Complement your pitch with a visually stunning presentation. If you’re resorting to e-mail marketing, try using HTML templates to attract more attention.

Match the message and the medium

Your message is what will keep your insurance business afloat. Know what message fits each medium you’re exploring, and you can better craft a provoking copy for them.

For example, if you’re introducing prospects to your insurance offers via video chat, then you can afford to include a narrative for their prolonged attention. If you’re on the phone, then you must go straight to the point. If you’re blogging or blasting an e-mail, you’ll need to be more informative than promotional in your tone.

Exercise empathy when you can

On your way to reforming your message, you should also consider adjusting your approach to embrace empathy. Being stuck at home is already making life more difficult for people to get by, all the more to afford insurance.

How can you help? Make your portfolio more accessible. Add perks that will make your offerings more appealing, and introduce protracted payment terms, so they’ll be able to enjoy the benefits without the burden.

Sell to buyers, not cold prospects

People are on their devices more frequently, given the situation, but this doesn’t mean open season for salespeople. Time is still of the essence, and you still have to narrow down your prospects.

The key is to look for people who are already looking for you and work your way from there. This is where informational content comes in. Establish yourself as an authority, and you’ll automatically be the beacon of light for everyone interested. Soft-sell to interested buyers; don’t hard-sell to unknown prospects.

Reorganize your sales schedule
Insurance agent talking to couple

Don’t be afraid to take it a day at a time. We’re in an extraordinary circumstance, and it makes sense not to meet your monthly quotas or your ideal key performance indicators. Reorient your goals and calendars to adjust to the new normal, and be more realistic when encouraging other agents to accomplish said goals.

Don’t beat yourself too hard if you don’t close enough customers after a period. Changes have been abrupt, so you must allow yourself to improve through practice. Trust that your insurance portfolio is indeed beneficial to buyers, and it will reflect on them, regardless of how far they may be from you.

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