5 Hacks to Help with Household Chores

Cleaning the house can be a very tedious and tiring activity. Many people absolutely dread it. But we all need to conduct general cleaning every now and then to ensure that our homes are safe and clean for us to live in. Otherwise, we’ll be letting dirt, dust, and molds take a toll on our health.

Cleaning your house might be the last thing you want to spend your weekends on, but there’s a way you can make your general cleaning efforts much easier. Here are some life hacks to help you with your household chores.

Use lemon to get rid of bad odor

Garbage disposals can build up a lot of food debris over time, yielding an undesirable stench. The cabinet under the kitchen sink is probably the last thing anyone wants to open because it’s the area where the odor is strong. Instead of using up your air freshener, try a more natural ingredient.

Lemon is known to be a natural detoxifier. It has a high acidity that can help remove toxins in our bodies and cleanse our system. But they can also help with household appliances that need a little freshening up. Simple squeeze a few slices of lemon in your trash cans and garbage disposal systems. This should help get rid of the bad stench and stop it from reeking the undesirable odor.

Use detergent to make floors spotless

Cleaning the floors

Let’s face it. Mopping your floors trying to get rid of those nasty stains is tiring. But you don’t have to put in too much work as long as you have the right tools! Instead of using a mop, get down and dirty with some detergent, water, and rags. The chemicals in the detergent will make it easy to immediately wipe off the dirt on the floor. Just make sure you’re cleaning the rag every now and then, better yet, shop for rags in bulk so you can clean easily and continuously without worrying about spreading the dirt across the floor.

Use vinegar to get rid of stains

Water spots and stains on the faucet and sink are very hard, if not impossible, to remove using just water and soap. For nasty and stubborn stains, use vinegar. This can do wonders in helping you make your sink shiny and brand new once again.

Vinegar can also help you clean your bathroom! We know that that’s a place we probably don’t want to clean, but it has to be done. Make the job easier by mixing vinegar with dish soap. This will help scrub away the dirt and scum in the shower easier and faster.

Use tape or a lint roller to pick up stubborn dirt

We’ve all missed some spots after sweeping the floor. There are just debris and dirt that are too small for the broom and dustpan to pick up. An easy way to get rid of them is by picking them up with tape or a lint roller. These adhesives will easily grab the dirt, dust, or small debris, making the house look much cleaner.

Augment the use of your vacuum

The vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning up the floor and carpet. But don’t limit its use to only those areas. You can utilize your vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt out of pretty much everything, like the couch, curtains, and even air filters in your clothes dryer! This should help you get rid of most of the dirt in hard-to-clean areas.

Cleaning the house is not everyone’s favorite pastime. But with these tips, you’re off to making your general cleaning efforts faster and easier.

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