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5 Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting Office Furniture

The kind of office furniture to be purchased is very essential. It not only impacts the visual appeal of an office but also tends to affect the productivity around an office. As such, there becomes a need to balance between the two aspects.

There is no essence in acquiring visually appealing pieces of office furniture if they hinder easy movements around the office.

Brand identity

When purchasing office furniture, there is a need to make sure that it matches the company’s brand color. As such, you may want to consider purchasing custom office furniture. There are businesses in Salt Lake City that offer custom pieces at affordable prices.

With custom furniture, constant communication between the two parties is necessary to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met. The color and the design of the ordered furniture should also complement the brand colors of a client’s company.

Additionally, there may be a need to include other elements such as the company’s brand logo and tag line. All those are possible ways that a company may exploit to make their premises more appealing to their clients.


The size of the office to be furnished determines the number and size of the furniture to be purchased. The same applies to the shape of the office.

For example, in a round-shaped office, the may be a need to acquire similarly-shaped furniture not unless the pieces will be centrally placed. Otherwise, a lot of office space may end up getting wasted if a square wall cabinet is placed against a round wall.


The cost of the furniture to be purchased is also an essential factor to consider. Usually, new start-up businesses tend to identify the most affordable furniture possible as they seek to trim down their budget to the lowest amount possible.

In other established companies, the cost of the acquired office furniture tends to vary depending on the offices to be furnished. For instance, it is expected that the director’s office will be furnished with more expensive pieces of furniture in comparison to those to be used in lower-level offices.

Office plan

The type of office floor arrangement to be adopted around an office determines the type of furniture to be purchased. For example, if the goal is to implement an open plan office floor design, the most suitable furniture to be acquired would be the workstation desks.

Additionally, large office cabinets may be installed around the offices to assist with the safe storage of files. Different types of furniture may be used for partitioned offices.

Ease of cleaning

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Usually, when selecting the type of office furniture to purchase, a majority of people tend to overlook the issue of hygiene and cleanliness. It is essential to consider the amount of time and effort required to clean different types of office furniture.

Often, that is dependent on the material making up the furniture. Surfaces made of wood and plastic often require less effort in comparison to those covered in fabric.

At the end of the day, there is a need for businesses to find a balance among all the factors that they deem necessary. This allows a business to get the office furniture that best suits their work environment.

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