3 Types of Ill-Mannered Employees and How to Handle Them

Bad-mannered employees are bad for the business. Unfortunately, they’re just part of the reality of work. Fortunately, you can do something about it. After all, you’re the boss. You’re in the position of influence to make a difference in their behavior.

Here are some of the most common types of bad-mannered employees who you’re definitely well aware of, and the things you can do to counteract their negativity with positivity:

The Noise Nurturers

You know the type: the ones who always tap their feet too loud when earphones are plugged in or those who hum and whistle all too often. Grouped here also are the loud talkers and employees who speak so loud when talking to the phone or discussing ideas with others. Noise is a culprit behind employee’s low productivity, so treat this as a serious matter.

Implement a noise control policy in your office. This not only communicates to employees that you take special consideration on this matter, but also gives a supporting document to which you can refer to for disciplinary actions for employees later. Invest in acoustic panels as part of your office design, too. Do make sure that they’re maintained well. Dirt and other contaminants can be trapped in such units, so be certain to have them professionally cleaned regularly. Janitors use a non-abrasive type of cleaners for this type of job.

The Germ Jugglers

a womam with a flum touching her head

These are the employees who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom and then munch on snacks on their desks. People who report to the office, even with flu or cold also fit in this category.

Germs are a big issue in the office. Studies show that employees’ desks are dirtier in the office, precisely because it’s the most used area, so every snot, cough, and dead skin cells are deposited into those desks. This leaves your employees at a greater risk for more sick days and missed work.

You can manage this by rolling out regular cleaning schedules. This will make employees more conscious of how they maintain cleanliness in their own workstations. Consider getting a professional cleaning service, too. Utah experts have the tools and skills for keeping your space hygienic.

The Talk Tyrants

These are the people who would always dominate conversations, whether in exchanges of ideas in the conference room or informal chats in the pantry. This behavior can be annoying for co-workers. Over time, it may affect professional relationships and it could cause a dent on your team’s camaraderie. What you want to do here is to talk to that person in private.

Let them know about your concern and encourage them to practice active listening. A good conversation with them will hopefully change their habit of being conversation hogs. It’s also ideal to assign key people to lead in different formal meetings so everyone will have the chance to talk and facilitate discussions. For instance, in your office maintenance meetings, when you do roll out your cleaning schedule, let the administration team take the lead and be sure to have everyone know the team is the head of the discussion.

Bad-mannered employees are part of the reality of business. You can’t avoid them. What you can do though is influence their behavior positively. And do that, you will.


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