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Welcome to the Hall of Shame. My first website went online in 1997. Within eight months people began stealing my photos. To date (as of December 10, 2011) I have discovered a total of 784 websites that are using (or have used) my photos without permission. The vast majority of these are commercial in nature. They include tour and travel agencies, foreign governments, airlines, internet service providers, radio stations, and yes - even churches!  It is also surprising to find a number of universities where my photos have been stolen, especially since they have their own copyright protections clearly stated on their own websites and publish guidelines for other people's Intellectual Property when used by  professors, staff and students. This "Hall of Shame" gallery is dedicated to all the thieves on the Internet who have no respect for other people's Intellectual Property.
Featured Copyright Thief of the Month

Black Star Travel & Tours
Please Note: The use of various company and organisation logos here, and the screen captures of various web pages throughout the gallery, are used purely for educational purposes to illustrate copyright infringements. 
Currently there 138 members in the Copyright Hall of Shame, so please allow some time for the  pages to load. 
Click on the gallery titles below for details of these thefts. Each gallery contains 15 offenders.