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 1986 Robert Burch Communications Writing is something that comes natural to me, but it wasn't until 1983 that I discovered I could actually do it. Though a lot of my work with photography involved the travel industry, it came as a surprise that I could sell my pictures more easily if I had a story to go with them.

My first stories were about travel-tourism and some of the places I had visited. Doctor's Review - a leisure magazine for doctors - is a publication I have contributed to over the years. In 1992, graphic artist Caroline Lussier and I won the Canadian Business Press Gold Award for Best Single Article. To date my photos and stories have claimed 15 of their covers. Today, many of my travel assignments involve both writing and photography.

My intense interest in Africa carries over into my writing. As an associate editor I contribute to African Link as well as Akwaaba, the in-flight magazine of Ghana Airways. Subjects include African affairs, economic development, indigenous peoples, travel & tourism, reviews of cultural events and ecological issues. Travel Africa  is a high quality travel magazine dedicated to Africa and published in Harare, Zimbabwe. I have had stories in nearly every issue since its debut in 1997.

Msafiri, the in-flight magazine of Kenya Airways has also published a number of my stories. For three years I contributed to Africa Travel, the magazine of the Africa Travel Association, and more recently, articles in African Future, New African and African Business. More stories on Africa have appeared in Crisis magazine, the publication of the NAACP and JAXFAX - travel/trade.

 2001 Robert Burch Communications
 1999 Robert Burch Communications In 1999, I  wrote, photographed and co-designed a new tourism brochure for the government of Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa - created to promote their country in North America.

I work with many tourist boards, tour companies, travel agencies and airlines to provide photographs and content for other brochures, posters and promotional materials.

I have also assisted several tour operators with concept, design and construction of internet websites - especially in the African American travel market. With my colleagues in the video business, we have produced tourism videos for Air Afrique and the Ministry of Tourism in Benin.

I have written for several photography magazines and my pictures have appeared in many more. The Minolta Mirror  is Minolta's annual international gallery of photographers using Minolta equipment. Selected portfolios of mine have been featured on four occasions from 1978 through 1991, more than any other photographer.

Since Ballooning and Fireworks are two of my great loves in life, it was only natural that I elaborate on these subjects through the pen. My aviation articles have appeared in: the Journal of the Balloon Federation of America, Aeromag, Aviation Space, Balloon Life and Balloon Passion (in France). The stories include everything from safety issues and historical features to tips on taking photos, reviews of international balloon events and humor.

 1993 Robert Burch Communications
 1986 Robert Burch Communications Script writing rounds out my activities as a wordsmith. I have written many scripts for corporate communications: - training, marketing, public relations, personnel and trade show videos. I have also written scripts for information videos produced by various departments of the Canadian government.

Since much of this involved technical writing, from time to time I write science stories for other magazines. Some of these have been about radio telescopes, the anatomy of caves, dinosaur hunting,  and ancient Egyptian medicine.

Currently my colleagues and I are developing a series of video programs on nine African countries called Through African Eyes - offering a different perspective on Africa.

Creative writing is something I do for amusement. Several years ago I joined a writer's group. It wasn't the first time, but this group was different. Out of 15 people, there were 3 novelists, 2 television producers, and 4 poets. The rest of us wrote short stories. I did write my first novel, but that was an experiment to see if I could actually do it. It took me three months of obsessive behavior - sometimes 20 hours a day. The most frustrating element was waiting for people to return phone calls with research information that I craved. Some of the things I learned were stranger than fiction. Did you know - that on average, a dozen people per year are bitten by poisonous snakes in New York City?
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